For the past few years I have been inspired by the conceptual ads of coca cola.  Whoa! How do they just mesmerize and grab attention of the audience, candidly mind blowing!

Alas! Shame to say that the last ad has not cast such a catastrophic ambiance. Comparing chai with coca cola is just out of my mind now. I guess coca cola just don’t need to be compared with chai for more marketing as it has already made its space in everyone’s heart naturally and chai is chai forever I myself is a big fan of chai so, no compromise in keeping it aside for coca cola. I bet 65 percent of the population is workaholic and is crazy after chai. 60 percent starts their day with bed-tea, not a cup infact a mug of tea and not with a chilled coca cola.

                                       “Chai is a rhythm of life with wonderful properties”

So this ad has openly made its worth down by specially highlighting chai for as-usual marketing.

Though coca cola has become a sign of “yo-ness” but it can never step into the cup of chai. Chai is preferred by every person in every walk of life. It’s sheer because of its benefits. Coca cola is a carbonated drink utterly “sugar coated” for an educated person who is blind folded and denies the consequences of coca cola. It’s not good for growing age students, for not even those who need to conceive, for middle-aged people and of course old chaps. Slow poison who leads you to destruction of bones and lungs happily keeping “yo-ness” up to the!

Sorry guys I disagree, though those with whom I live, pick up fight for Coca cola. 🙂