Expensive cars are found here, high rated lands are sold here, magnificent houses are built here huh! And still an under-developed country. What a joke!

Lamborghini, ford, hummer,I8, Audi Q series, A3,A4,A6, Mercedes, V8,v6 are found in great numbers, more than 2 cars are must in houses. Range rover, sports cars are found normally. Impressive! But Pakistan is still poor, right?

A man owning more than two lands is considered middle class. Whoa! World’s most egoistic and show off parties live here. Pakistan should be counted in arranging the most expensive underground parties. Need not to go abroad if you crave for such parties, walk on bedian road you will find any farm house in full swing with people rocking and rolling. No stress for visa, tickets expense but yes just spare for petrol. Lol!

Elite class of course is only our politicians I wonder how come they buy two holdings here and the third  in foreign land, by coping up with their per month salary that is around 50k. Noticeable! The race, severe competition of lagging behind others by materialistic approach is rising day by day.

Though it’s a fact that If we did not sometimes taste adversity, prosperity would not be so welcome but this statement doesn’t get fit here as

               “The rich is getting richer and the poor is facing a great deal of adversity.”

Those so-called promises before elections and then quenching their own thirst of living a luxurious life under the pretext of this seat, is shameful. With a sympathetic  grin, putting all 100s of wrinkles on face showing that no one would be so miserable as them, is fascinating, that how come they all never been nominated for Oscars!

Once I happened to see a video of a great politician heading to his home with exact 50 number of wagon Rs in protocol for sake of just one soul. Hats off to the party!

You all must know which Pakistani actress is next in an arrow to act in Indian films but would deliberately ignore “The man, The President” of Iran who used to walk by foot keeping aside all luxuries, and if you follow Indian or American politicians then that’s so heart wrenching.

Following father’s suit is appreciable but under the pretext of following suit copying others is ridiculous, try to be whatever you have been made up and destined to do whether it suits your image or not.

Keep on adding land, properties, luxuries and coiling them all as a snake is not worthwhile, life is finite and uncertain where anyone would stand up the next second and explode on your face.

It’s alright human are born to do mistakes but just mistakes, don’t let it destroy your inner-self, though it’s too late but it’s never late, make one more cunning proposal but this time in favor of us not yours.

“Souls are not poor but they are forced to act poorly.”