Walking down on the streets with my friends came across this open coffee shop, weather was so mushy I couldn’t restrain myself going inside aroma lingering, outside sitting attracted me to sit and take a crack at it!

It is located in Gulberg main boulevard opposite to pfdc mall 1. It’s very easy to find it, and medium. Easy to park your car if by a stroke of luck you get parking otherwise it’s always occupied However there is a choice for you to give your car’s keys to the two men standing outside the restaurant and park it there for you. But the service is not free you have to pay 30 Rps.

We reached the place at about 6pm. The place was full to the half of it. We sat outside as weather was too beautiful. As this is a self service system so we went inside to order when you get in there’s a man (the manager) who helps you in case of any confusion. He was not friendly at all and had an unpleasant looking on everyone all the time.

The place décor is really good, a book shelf in the corner, walls adorned with beautiful pictures, even big coffee mugs are displayed on the shelf too. Inside is cozy, warm and comfortable.ccccccThose who love peace would definitely love to sit inside, and relish their mug of coffee.cccccThe menu has specialties in their coffee signature lattes (vanilla bean, hazel nut, butternut, moccaccino, white mocha, maple). Prizes are reasonable.cccccccWe ordered pasta, which was just insipid I don’t think that any of the dishes were made in the real-time, the temperature of the food was not good but I am sure they used microwave oven. The quality was just ok and the taste was not good at all there was nothing unusual, special or exciting. The quantity on each dish was unpleasantly moderate, they also have deserts but we didn’t even order and I can’t say anything on this. You can choose on drinking flavored ice espresso, fruit chillers.

Service was utterly disappointing. They took 30 minutes to get the order, forgetting forks and spoons to serve on table and they could hardly notice us when we wanted something (water, more sugar bags, spoons, forks etc). They were literally dancing, yelling at each other and generally made fuss annoying us.cc2Things to Improve:

Menu is limited; one could only find list their interest.

Parking space is too limited and quite troublesome.

No proper sitting arrangements, always over occupied.

Dishes are overprice and not served in good quantity.

Tea is not good enough, not strong at all, and milkier.

The restaurant’s inside sitting has less space.

There was very little atmosphere and the service was impersonal.

Presentation, quality of food and taste were all ok. It was expensive but not overly so. We would recommend this restaurant for the Lattes but the overall dining experience did fall a little short.

Amazing food, technique, flavors, service and environment but you can leave hungry! So don’t go expecting hearty food and to leave full to the brim and this place is 2nd to none!

Not only I was disappointed but as I was sitting inches from another person and could her and could hear the entire conversation that the other couple was having. I strongly suggest having fewer tables there; and people should be given privacy, so they could enjoy their meal more comfortably. Experience was terrible; I will never go there again. This place has nothing to do with pasta, lasagna don’t be fooled.

Cutting the long short, Only the perception of status is high but the reality is something else.You should better try Rice Bowl on the main road, opposite the restaurant. That bad!!!4g5