Who says you are no more? You still own our hearts. You left us peacefully leaving our souls in pain forever, as a penance.8713613_1280x720-1



It’s hard to forget someone who gave you so much to remember, and you have stolen our piece of heart that can never be mend, although you are dead but the bonding you created with us can never fade away.

“If you enter this world knowing you are loved and leave the world knowing same then everything that happens between can be dealt with” Michael Jackson.

All of us still hopes that Michael Jackson “the Magician” has disappeared and will come back exploding the screen. Your estate has made more money than ever, your kids are set for life. Alas! All that is missing you.

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It’s been 6 years, we lost world’s greatest entertainer, source of happiness, the magician. King of pop, was the eight child of the “Jackson family” who never knew that he would set his name in world record forever through his outstanding, mind-blowing, God-gifted talent.

 “we loved him a lot but God loved him more”

The best song writer, musician, dancer, producer began his solo career in 1971 by thriller, Thriller was one of the bestselling albums with over 70 million copies sold. Michael, a proud black man and an empowered person in society and world, though the media and society intruded in his personal life when he was alive. The many things that he stated about being black and empowered have been ignored, even though we are in the seventh year of this harsh reality, Michael’s concerns are rarely discussed.

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This is hard to believe that we are now living in a time when the greats of music in the 1980’s: Michael, Whitney, David and Prince Rogers Nelson, are no longer with us. When my father came in my room and broke the news, that Michael is no more broke me completely. It was more shocking for me than anything else ever. I would never imagined news would be that Michael left us. I was in denial and I confirmed it from my cousins and friends. I checked my Facebook account and when I saw the news, I cried. I am the biggest fan of Michael and I am one of those fans that liked him deeply and solely. After the death of Michael, I observed that issues and concerns which Micheal suffered, should be highlighted because these issues have been evolutionised into Inter-national issues. through this blog I have taken a first step to highlight Michael’s issues, I hope more will follow my footsteps.