Marriage is a socially or ritually recognized union between spouses that establishes rights and obligations between them.

   “A happy marriage is the union of two

good forgivers”                                                                                                 

                                                                               Ruth Bell Graham



Marriage is just like nurturing a plant. As a seed requires proper care and nourishment to develop into a plant, so also marriage requires love, patience, proper understanding and sensible effort on the part of both partners. The key to a happy and lasting marriage is about understanding your partner, being supportive.


There were times when everyone personally a great curiosity and feelings to indulge in this relation. Alas! Time by time all the excitement has faded away. Divorce and separation cases have threatened and harassed them to take a step back. they find themselves more secure being single, they think it is far better to stay single rather than marrying.

The solution is not to stay single forever or have divorce, separation

It is always important to have understanding between partners. People consider it a positive way to spend too much time with each other but not really. it’s a part of human nature to get exhausted from the same routine/activity. Space is also necessary in a relationship for better understanding. It should be balanced and treated smoothly the way it deserves.

The problem is that “miscommunication feeds on itself. When couples get snarled up in negative cycle of communication, they find it hard to correct it.Fortunately, by making several adjustments to how you communicate, you can prevent and solve misunderstandings much more effectively.


Be a good listener

One of the most important things is to be a good listener. listen to your partner intently showing full attention.

It helps you make progress on your issues. “As hard as it is to hear someone disagree, or criticize your behavior, listening to someone expressing dissatisfaction can lead to problem-solving.”

 Avoid having to be “right.”

Rather than trying to figure out how a situation has affected their partner Couples are too busy formulating their rebuttal.

“Couples get stuck in this dynamic… both end up hurt and one or both withdraws.” Rather than getting trapped on the miscommunication merry-go-round, relinquish your need to be right. Again, focus on listening to your partner’s point of view.

Take a break when conflict escalates.

According to Hansen, “When things begin to spin out of control, couples need to take an agreed upon break and work on self-soothing during that time.”

See your partner as an ally.

Your partner is never your enemy, always takes things positively. You are a team. This perspective can help you better understand work toward a solution of the problems.


Don’t Bicker

A lot of marriages head to the brink of separation only because of constant bickering among the partners. Do you do so too? Just pause and think, how many times did you tell something to your spouse that you repented upon later and rued that you had better left it unsaid? Ignore the little things, and save the confrontations for the bigger problems. Whenever an argument arises, try to solve it peacefully. Even if you have to raise your voice, never lose temper and never let the thought of separation cross your mind.

No marriage is perfect and differences are part of any relationship, be it among friends or family members or spouses. Tolerance, a little patience, understanding your partner’s wishes and respecting his/her opinions are what are required for a smooth marriage life. Be gentle with one another and never go to bed angry with each another. This is harder on the both of you. Keep in mind that no problem is so big that you can’t solve it together. No trouble is worth breaking your marriage over.

Issues remain the same, thinking’s never change, what was 50 years ago is still the same. What has changed is school of thoughts, different notions our way to understand things have changed. It’s still in our hands save our relation

 It takes two to tango “one positive step taken patiently can set a life-example for others”


When two people — with different personalities from different families and backgrounds — get together, conflict is inevitable. However, healthy couples are able to move through conflict constructively. Remember you’re on the same team. Figure out your feelings, express them calmly and listen intently to your partner.