Whether you’re on the road or packing something for a picnic or a hike, these sandwiches are ready to withstand the weather, challenges, and other wear and tear that may occur during travel. Gone are the days of soggy sandwiches!

Finger Sandwiches

As long as you store them in a cooler and an airtight container, finger sandwiches like salmon and cream cheese and cucumber can be enjoyed on the go. The little size makes them easier to manage and eat, especially if you are driving.Finger-Sandwiches

Turkey Club Sandwich

Bacon, cheese, turkey, and avocado are just a few of the sturdy ingredients in this mighty club sandwich. It should hold for several hours — that is, if you can wait that long before diving into the triple Decker of bread.Turkey-Club-Sandwich

Creative Pepperoni and Cheese

This is pepperoni and cheese, reinvented, with the addition of egg and sprouts. The hearty ingredients will keep for about as long as the protein-rich sandwich should tide you over.Creative-pep-Cheese

Turkey Feta Wrap

Bread can be tricky to keep fresh, so try a turkey wrap in a wheat tortilla instead. This one is packed with feta cheese, pear, and dried cranberries.Turkey-Feta-Wrap

Cheese and Pickle Sandwich

The key to Britain’s famed cheese and pickle sandwich is the Branston Pickle, a chutney-like condiment made with diced veggies and spices. This is a no-brainier sandwich that lets you use up the rest of the cheddar in your fridge.British-Pub-Grub-Cheese-Pickle-Sandwich

Tuna With Fennel and Lemon

Sometimes veggies have a tendency to make sandwiches soggy. The ones in this tuna, fennel, and lemon sandwich are tossed in the tuna, rather than stacked on top, to prevent this from happening. Plus, the preserved lemon on top of the tuna adds a fresh crunch in place of lettuce.Tuna-Fennel-Lemon