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The World's Best Worth Taking Adventures

“Iconic travel destinations will always exert their pull but it is the journey itself and our experiences along the way that can turn a holiday into a life-changing adventure”

A vacation filled with adventure travel will send you home with once-in-a-lifetime experiences under your belt, fascinating tales for your friends, and-believe it or not-it will make you more relaxed.

Adventure Places
Adventure Ride

The 8 adventures selected here for you are “soft” adventures, while others are more challenging. All will be unforgettable. So get ready to plan the next trip and tick off a few of these adventure sports that you have to try!

Volcano Boarding:


Adventure Places
Volcano Boarding

This is an activity that many might never want to try. Volcano boarding involves zooming down an active Volcano at a high speed of 90km/hr and using your heels to steer & brake. Quite a volcanic ride isn’t it?

Trekking in the Himalayas:

Adventure Places

This tough trek requires stamina, but the rewards are immense, exploring villages and monasteries before building up the pace with treks over passes to Stok Kangri base camp in preparation for a night climb. Reach the summit in time to see one of the most spectacular sunrises in the Himalayas.

Downhill Mountain Biking:

Adventure places
Downhill Mountain Biking

Downhill mountain biking is extreme no doubt. This involves biking down the hills with suspension bikes that quickly glide over rocks and treeroots. While the bikes are designed to ensure safety, the risk is immense.

Sky Diving:

Adventure Places
Sky Diving

Sky diving is one activity that is on everyone’s to-do list. The thrill of jumping off a plane at 10,000 feet is like nothing else in this world.

A husky tour in Finland:

Adventure Places
Husky Safari, Finland

Explore the Finnish wilderness by snowmobile. This is followed by a two-day husky safari taking charge of your own team of four or five dogs, cooking over open fires and sleeping in a tent or wilderness cabin.

Ice Climbing:

Adventure Places
Ice Climbing

Ice climbing usually involves ascending frozen waterfalls or other ice formations on the rocks with the help of ropes and other special equipment.

Flying a Stunt Plane:

Adventure Places
Flying a Stunt Plane, New-Zealand

In New Zealand, a regular ordinary every day person can pilot their own stunt plane. At U-fly Extreme you will take the controls of the plane as you fly upside down, dive in the sky and twist and turn until your stomach leaps into your throat.

Don’t worry; you have a trained professional in the cockpit behind you to take over the controls in case anything should go astray.

Race a Ferrari:

Adventure Places
Ferrari Racing at La Modena, Italy

In Italy, we have the chance to do a couple of laps at La Modena in a genuine racing Ferrari. With a skilled driver in the passenger seat ready to hit the brakes whenever needed.