The key to growth is that one should never stop learning. The more you strive to learn, the more new you feel and the more progress you will make.

When we were young and beginners in the cycle of learning, we regularly took in new data and practiced doing and thinking on things that were unfamiliar and fresh. We didn’t often think about the consequences, or whether we could or couldn’t do it, we just did it. We were willing to move outside of our personal comfort zone and attempt something new or learn something different. We had what could be described as a “beginner’s mindset.”

Never Stop learning
Strive to Learn

Most people act and live as though they are static creatures. They live as if they are in love with the past, or living in the past and have no desire to move beyond it.

Joseph Cossman said, “Middle age is when your broad mind and your narrow waist change places.”

As time goes on we stop growing, because we just get lazy or scared. We lose our beginners mindset. We forget that we are learners for all life.

Don’t Get Lazy

William James said, “Human beings, by changing the inner attitude of their minds, can change the outer aspects of their lives.”

We are concerned about getting the job to pay the student loan we have, instead of starting the business we want to. I am not talking about being irresponsible, but living an unfettered and passionate life.

Stop worryimg on Petty Issues

Start small and work your way up

There are limitless areas where we can practice letting go. Let’s look at a few.

Self Control

Self Control is the Key to Success

When we try to control too many things in our lives, we get all caught up in hanging on to our own agenda. This is a great area to practice letting go. Let others make decisions and see how you feel. Let others have the last word, the fast lane, or the first place in line. Practice letting go, the concept of position and competition. Letting go in this way will actually free up space for increased personal growth.

Try Something New

Try New Things
Be Innovative

Do you always drive home from work along the same route? Try a new one, even if it’s a few minutes longer. Do you always eat the same thing for breakfast? Add some variety and see what you’ve been missing. Change your hair, your clothing, your activities, or your friends and see what happens. This will help you get comfortable with change and lower your resistance to personal growth.

Let go Unnecessary Things

let go unnecessary things
Stop bothering unnecessary things

Wanting is a state of neediness and lack. When you focus on lack, you just create more of the same. Focus on gratitude instead. The next time you are tempted to say: “What I really want is…” stop and think about what you are already grateful for instead. Let go of attaching your sense of fulfillment to things or situations that you “want” to see happen in the future. Find reasons to feel happy and fulfilled right now. When you stop feeding the “lack” you encourage greater personal growth.

Liberate Yourself

Liberate yourself

At first, you may feel like you are giving something up when you let it go. But in reality you are liberating yourself. Not only will you feel less stress from not clinging to “what is,” but you will also be weakening that invisible force called resistance. The less resistance there is, the more natural personal growth will feel.

As you embrace small changes in your life, your emotional security anchors will shift. Over time your resistance will fade and you will find comfort and security in a more fluid reality. When this happens, continued personal growth becomes your new emotional homeostasis.