What are you eating this summer to boost up your energy level? Are you getting the nutrients you need specifically for your body requirement?

In order to be active fresh and energetic in summer blaze you have to know what your body is lacking in. Fruits contain certain amount of mineral and vitamins so you should know what to eat to get balance of these nutrients. We have highlighted some of the fruits of summer to help you maintain your body nutrients and it will help you figure out what to stock in your fridge in summer.


  1. Strawberries:

It contains potassium fibers and antioxidants which is really useful for body metabolism.. A cup of strawberries a day will aid your immune system, lower your cholesterol and regulate your blood pressure. What’s more, that wonderful vitamin C is good for your eyes, preventing cataract and improves the elasticity of your skin, which means less wrinkles. Vitamin b is also in it so it’s good for pregnant ladies as it allows better development of child.


  1. Blackberries:

Blackberries are a good source of vitamin C, vitamin K and antioxidants. They are good for fighting cancer, improve the immune system and reduce the risk of heart disease. Also, they aid to your skin, eyes and bones and may relieve symptoms of common ladies problems. A cup of blackberries makes for the recommended daily amount of fiber and the result: a healthy digestive system. A blackberry, protein smoothie is the best way to start the day.


  1. Cantaloupe

This melon fruit is known for its enticing aroma and low caloric content. It’s filled up with vitamins A and C. One of its best qualities is that it reduces stress. Being rich in potassium, snacking on it normalizes the heart beat and a sends supply of oxygen to the brain, leaving you feeling relaxed and focused.


  1. Cherries

This fruit improves sleep and helps in reduce soreness of muscles and pain and also prevent diabetes. It’s known for aiding your memory and a great snack or dessert choice if you’re currently watching your weight.


  1. Pomegranate

this unique flavored fruit is rich with nutrients that are good for blood flow and reduce thickening of arteries. Just 8 ounce of it is the best way to keep you energetic and fresh the whole day.


  1. Pineapple

This popular tropical fruit is packed with vitamins and minerals, including vitamin A, vitamin C, calcium, phosphorus, and potassium, they can prevent cold and strengthens the bones and it’s also good for gums and keep them healthy.


  1. Peaches

Everyone’s favorite juicy fruit is pumped with vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. It’s good for your eyesight and your skin, it is also beneficial to apply on dark circles and also contains nutrients that is good for your body as it has non fattening sweet treats.


  1. Plums

This purple fruit is a good way to satisfy your hunger, as an in between meal snack, or satisfy your sweet tooth. Some of the results to eating daily dose of plums include a better memory and stronger bones. 9. Raspberries

Just another fruit you can enjoy for breakfast, but not limited to. Raspberries are a time bomb of vitamins, fiber and antioxidants, just ready to have a blast in your body. They aid weight loss, prevent cancer and eye sight infections.


  1. Watermelon

Watermelons are full of potassium, antioxidants, carbohydrates, Vitamin A, B6, and C, calcium, thiamin, sodium, healthy protein, and fiber. A couple of slices as day can help prevent heart attacks and diseases, different types of cancer, digestive problems, and poor eye sight and hair loss. How about having a slice of it right now?

There is nothing more enticing than having boost of vitamins and nutrients naturally in your body from these beneficial fruits and keeps you healthy all day to beat the heat .Enjoy!