A view that will grab your sight with luscious cuisines to fancy! Trend setters in Lahore can’t miss out the delightful and appetizing food menu offered in one of the most loved café around town. Café Tenerife located on jail road, how anyone can miss such trendy ambiance with such attention gainer interior?

Well! Elite class tends to soothe themselves with a view that satisfies your sight while enjoying the decorum of the café.

The most fascinating factor that inclines us to visit cafes is food of course! Lahories are food magnets! The food has to be palatable enough to win their hearts and the café gets what it longs for, a good traffic of clientele.


Everything on the menu seems to be a great choice.We have all experienced “mouth watering” when presented with tasty food, the dishes we ordered were cooked to our liking. The skillet was plentiful and delicious with a little Northwestern kick. This dish became a buzzed-about hit around town. Their coffee is also exceptional, which is rare. It also offers a healthy breakfast, which is delicious and reliable.


Tenerife not only offers one of the exotic views upstairs but also compliments it with the food that contests with the sight. Looking for perfect photo-shoot in the best dim lights with the view at the background.

Sitting Preferences:

Tenerife has much more to offer fine dining sitting outside and upstairs with spot lights that gives your selfies extra edge, will leave you stunned by its outcome and of course it gets the plus point for offering you wide variety of sitting layout than any other café in your reach as the season is also changing so it would definitely turn out the best winter hangout spot with friends for making extravagant memories.


The best quality is that it warmly offers the customers to book the café anytime for celebrations, or throwing birthday parties.


Reservations are open every time.There’s never a wait, and the service is always fantastic. We will hit this place again for sure.