This year is full of unexpected fashion trends and there is little not to love about it all. So pick up a pair of your favorite specs from any of the designers spotted on the runways and enjoy showing off the accessory that highlights your facial features best. It is a promise that you will find something for you, no matter what.

  1. Still Rocking the Over sized:

If you have been enjoying the over sized eye wear for the last few seasons, you will be very happy to learn that you can continue rocking the look throughout 2017. Somehow, if this is the pace things are progressing at, we are pretty sure that over sized sunglasses will be around for another few seasons as well.



2. Back to the Future:

Designers have been trying to create a look that we have generally associated with sci-fi movies to date, including playing with black and white features and turning summer 2017 sunglasses into futuristic goggles.


3. Sunglasses with Double Wires:

Double wire rims seem to have a good spot on the spring/ summer 2017 eyewear trends list as well. Sunglasses with colorful lenses as a whole seem to make a splash for the spring.


4. The Perfect Statement:

Statement sunglasses are all the rage on the runways for the spring and they include everything from funky colors to funky shapes, thick rims and totally see-through designs. Oversized yellow specs are totally hot on the runway, while the cooler blues also find their spot with cat eyes and clear rims.


5. Clearly Plastic Sunglasses:

The fact that the rims and the lenses seem to be melded together, blue or yellow or any other hue, means that this summer 2017 eyewear trend might be something to consider if you want rims without them flashing about too much.Adding a bit of glitter to some pink lenses, can actually accentuate the trend’s popularity over the coming months as well.


6. Funky Geometry:

A lot of the spring/ summer 2017 eyewear trends we have seen on the Fashion Week runways actually seems to have a funky form of geometry attached, diversifying the sunglass portfolio for the coming year.


7. Better in Butterfly Wings:

It was trending last season and this one as well, with the spring/ summer 2017 eyewear trends also showing promise of keeping in the butterfly winged attraction to the sunglasses.
Dark lenses or light, colorful or traditional, we see the butterflies appear all over the place, spotted on top runways.


8. Catty Cats:

Cat eye sunglasses will always be a top trend. We know this. The runways prove this. Appearing big and small, with half rims or full, in yellow or blue or black or white, the cat eyes are a top eyewear trend and there is no way to get rid of them. They are just too flattering. Everyone knows this.


9. Perfect Circles:

While cat eyes and aviators dominate the runway, we have to give a shout out to the perfectly circular lenses as well that appear either on double rims or without. Round sunglasses for summer 2017 come in super dark lenses or normally light.Bug eyes are pretty much total circles in larger format and we see those appear for spring as well.




10. Sunglasses in All Colors

While blue and yellow are quite special and appear so many times that they deserve their own categories, we see a whole lot of different colors as well, in reds and pinks and lilacs and pure purple, while some yellows look more on the green side with equally light green double-rimmed sunglasses.allll