I went to Quiznoz Sub few days back; this place is one of the best subway sandwiches in Lahore. It is situated on M.M.Alam Road next to chai khana. They have multiple varieties of sandwiches like Chicken teriyaki, Chicken Fajita, you can also make your sandwiches according to your taste, and all of these sandwiches come with very reasonable prices. The taste is good in a way that it is juicy and made from fresh items and their style of filling is really nice as well. Most of the time they are having deals which is their attractive stance to stay in the market. The ambiance of the outlet is reasonably good; for instance there are two sitting areas, one is indoor and second is outdoor which is mostly used by smokers.

The environment is quite friendly as their staff members are very cooperative and decently dressed. They have a smile on their faces and greet all the customers humbly.

Sandwiches were not too good, but only palatable if you are too hungry and unfortunately drop in yourself here reluctantly.

,hHonestly, the best bit of food we had there, was the two candies which came with our bill! Honestly, I never complain in a restaurant, because I myself work as an employee, so I can relate that what it feels like, but for god’s sake, if you charge people, and quite a bit of money, then you must give them something in return. Overall it seemed to me a bit like a fast  food restaurant focused on quantity rather than quality.llx