Raees beats Kaabil at the overseas box office on day 1

Shah Ruk Khan and Mahira Khan ‘s Raees locked horns with Hrithik Roshan and Yami Gaumat ‘s Kaabil at the box office as the films released simultaneously on January 25. While both the films were neck and neck going into the release, looks like Raees has emerged as the clear winner on day 1. Not only has Shah Rukh beaten Hrithik at the domestic box office, but also the overseas market. According to, Raees earned an impressive collection of Rs 2.09 crore from the Australia, New Zealand and UK belt. Kaabil, on the other hand, has earned just a meagre collection Rs 0.38 crore. If you compare these two figures, Raees has clearly defeated Kaabil in the overseas market.

In fact, if you consider the screen count also, Kaabil has got 92 screens while Raees has got 101 screens in these three markets. So with not a big difference in screen space, everyone would have expected a close fight between the two films. However, Raees clearly outperformed Kaabil at the overseas box office. However if you consider the number of Shah Rukh Khan Fans abroad, Raees would have always got the upper hand. But we never expected it to get a such a huge advantage.

Check out the detailed collections below!

# Australian box office

Kaabil Rs. 0.18 crore from 27 screens.

Raees Rs. 0.93 crore from 28 screen

# New Zealand box office

Kaabil Rs. 0.02 crore from 9 screens

Raees Rs. 0.10 crore from 11 screens

# U.K. box office

Kaabil Rs. 0.18 crore from 56 screens

Raees Rs. 1.06 crore from 62 screens


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