¾ cup roasted / non roasted seviyan (vermicelli)

1 ½ litre whole milk

½ cup sugar /1 tablespoon sugarfree natura

10-15 almonds (badam)

10- 15 cashews (kaju)

¼ cup raisins (kishmish)

8-9 green pistachios (pista) finely chopped

10-15 strands of saffron

½ teaspoon cardamom powder

1 teaspoon ghee if you are using non roasted semiyan


  • Heat ghee in a pan and roast the vermicelli / seviyan in the ghee ,roast the seviyan till it becomes light brown .(if you r using non roasted seviyan) . If your using roasted seviyan skip this step.
  • Keep milk to boil. When it starts boiling add roasted seviyan to it and let it boil on low flame. Let it cook stirring it frequently. Slowly the milk will start reducing and kheer will become thick. Check the semiyan if it’s cooked or not. It will take around 20 – 25 minutes to get a desired consistency.
  • Once the semiyan are cooked add sugar / sugar free to it. Let it cook for another 5 minutes.
  • Roast almonds and cashew pieces with or without ghee. (you can roast it in microwave)
  • Add cardamom powder, saffron, finely chopped pistachios, raisins & roasted almonds & cashew in semiyan kheer and remove it from heat.
  • Serve seviyan/ kheer hot or chilled.


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