Best Breakfast Places
Seven Places To Have Breakfast In London

It’s the most important meal of the day. Whether you’re a fan of a full English or a lighter, continental style breakfast, start the day as you mean to go on with our pick of the best places for breakfast.

We recommend the very best English Breakfast restaurants to start your day in the city.

Haksmoor Guildhall:

English Breakfast
Haksmoor Guildhall

As one of the masters of meat in the capital, it comes as no surprise that their full English is pretty next-level, it comes with all the usual moves, plus a short rib bubble & squeak, smoked bacon chop, and grilled bone marrow.

Caravan King’s Cross:

English Breakfast
Caravan King’s Cross

Housing its own coffee roastery and all-day kitchen, you know Caravan takes their fast-breakers seriously, and the full English doesn’t disappoint. It’s got the standards (field mushrooms, eggs, sourdough toast) along modern flourishes like tomato compote, and if you want them (you do), boar sausages.

The Wolseley:

English Breakfast
The Wolseley

Attempting to give the rough, lowest-common-denominator edges of the full English an elegant finish is not an easy task. so to their great credit, The Wolseley doesn’t try. They stick to the tried and true formula of good old-fashioned beans, bacon, eggs, etc., without trying to add any unnecessary flourishes, and it’s delicious.

The Breakfast Club:

English Breakfast
The Breakfast Club

When you call yourself The Breakfast Club, you promise two things: a ton of Judd Nelson quotes, and a fantastic morning meal.

Thankfully, they don’t disappoint, and their Full Monty has everything you’re looking for (except a brooding loner stuck in detention).

The Walpole:

English Breakfast
The Walpole

Homemade bubble and squeak? Ham on the bone, that’s been soaked overnight and slow-roasted for six hours?

Literally its massive breakfast still costs less than six quid? This, friends, is worth going to Ealing for.

The Riding House Café:

English Breakfast
The Riding House Cafe

Their Full & Proper is really just that, with each of the ingredients pulling their weight (the sausages, the tomato is slow-roasted, the mushrooms are field mushrooms), coming together to make a breakfast that’s better than the sum of its delicious parts.

Regency Café:

English Breakfast
Regency Café

This place may not have had a refurb since it opened in 1946, but frankly no one is there for the decor. A mere £6 gets you the works, but throw down an extra 90p and add some of the best (read: fluffy and amazing) hash browns in town. This spot, and this breakfast, are about as classic as they come.