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Seven must visit Tokyo attractions

Sensōji (浅草寺):

Tokyo’s largest ancient Buddhist temple

Sensō-ji 金龍山浅草寺, is Tokyo’s largest ancient Buddhist temple and a major Tokyo attractions for Japanese and foreigners located in Asakusa.

The temple is dedicated to the Bodhisattva Kannon, also known as Guan Yin or the Goddess of Mercy.

Tokyo Tower (仲見世):

Nakamise Shopping Street

Located just before Sensoji after Kaminarimon or “Thunder Gate”, a massive paper lantern dramatically painted in vivid red-and-black tones to suggest thunderclouds and lightning, Nakamise is one of the oldest shopping centers in Japan.

Meiji Jingū  (明治神宮):

Tokyo Meiji Jingu Shrine
Meiji Jingu

Meiji Shrine 明治神宮, is the Shinto shrine that is dedicated to the deified spirits of Emperor Meiji and his wife, Empress Shōken.

To pay respect : At a Torii (shrine archway): Bow once when entering and leaving.

At Temizuya (water well) : Rinse your left hand then right hand. Then Rinse your mouth with your left hand before rinse your left hand again. Lastly rinse the dipper (allow the remaining water to run down the handle of the dipper).

At the Main Shrine building :  Bow twice. Clap your hands twice. Make a wish if you like & Bow once again.

Imperial Palace & East Garden (皇居):

Imperial Palace East Garden
Imperial Palace and East Garden

Tokyo Imperial Palace 皇居 is the main residence of the Emperor of Japan. Except on Jan 2 (New Year’s Greeting) and Dec 23 (Emperor’s Birthday), the palace buildings and inner gardens are not open to the public .

Only on both specific dates, visitors are able to enter the inner palace grounds and see the members of the Imperial Family, who make several public appearances on a balcony.

Tokyo Skytree (東京スカイツリー):

Tokyo’s newest landmark & attraction
Tokyo Skytree

One of Tokyo’s newest landmark & attraction, the 634 meter Tokyo Skytree is the tallest tower in Japan. The tower is the primary television and radio broadcast site for Kanto region.

Ginza (銀座):

Hotels in Ginza Tokyo

The Ginza (銀座) is considered the high fashion center of the city and contains many upscale shops and restaurants.

It is one of the most expensive real estate in the world. During weekend, the street will be closed to motor traffic during the day hence becoming a Pedestrians’ Paradise.

Tokyo Tower (東京タワー):

Tokyo Tower

Tokyo Tower 東京タワーthe world’s tallest self-supporting steel tower is a communications and observation tower.

At 332.5 metres (1,091 ft), it is the second tallest artificial structure in Japan.

Visitors can ascend to the main observatory at 150 meters and the special observatory at 250 meters to get a bird’s eye view of Tokyo.