Actor Saif Ali Khan will train under top chefs and learn culinary skills to get his act right in the remake version of “Chef”.

“Chef”, a 2014 American comedy drama, is written, produced and directed by Jon Favreau and is now set to be made in Hindi.

okjkIt is a story of a popular chef, who quits his job at an upscale restaurant after a public altercation with a food critic and goes on to start a food truck that becomes famous all over. “Airlift” director Raja Krishna Menon will direct the film in Hindi with Saif Ali Khan in the lead.

“The film requires lot of preparations. Saif will undergo extensive training for two months or so to look and acts like a chef. He will learn culinary skills, take cooking classes, and also get trained under an experienced chef from India and abroad. We will also put him in kitchen after his training,” Raja told PTI.

The film is slated to hit the theaters on July 14, 2017.