Mr. Sheeda - Premium naan cuisine

The idea to experiment with different flavors of the good old Lahori’s favorite Naan isn’t too old. Mr. Sheeda ‘The house of desi and valaiyti Naans’ has come with a bang! They’re offering a huge Naan cuisine.  

In a nutshell, Mr. Sheeda is not your average Roti and Naan shop, as it proudly sets out to redefine conventional notions of food as we know it. With an avant-garde menu that unabashedly transforms the humble Naan into a full-fledged hero, Sheeda effortlessly blends innovation with taste, quality, and value for money.

For your mother, who is always complaining about your unhealthy food choices, it has brought Chocolaty Blast NaanYour dessert and roti at the same time. There is a huge list of stuffing and flavors to choose from in their menu!

However, there is very much hype about their Pizza and BBQ Naans. And most people are complaining about their slow service and service as a whole in their new outlet. They opened their new outlet in Model town after the success of one located at Kareem Block, Iqbal Town, Lahore. Although, there are mixed reviews about their taste and service.

They have recently launched their ‘Rocket’! Which is incorporated with ‘succulent chicken tenders, sizzling jalapenos and olives will tantalize your taste buds. Add to it their special whatever sauce and you will be left asking for more (or you get a recipe for pure savory pleasure)’ claimed by team Mr. Sheeda on social media.

One must visit them and make their own opinion about their services and menu items.