Top 10 Best Restaurants in Lahore for Couples:

Nothing better than a Dinner in winter at a romantic place with your partner. Dinning out in winters always feel good in a metro city like Lahore. In a busy routine people rely on reading reviews to dine in at a cozy place instead of exploring new places by themselves.

Here is our list of top 10 places where you can take your partner this winter:

Haveli Restaurant:

Haveli is our all-time favorite. There are many reasons why you should prefer it over other restaurants. Firstly, it is located in Food Street Lahore which gives you a flavor of traditional Lahori culture and its original taste. Secondly, having desi food on the roof with live music will really chill your mood after an exhausting day. Last but not the least the price is as cheap as chips for such amazing place. The staff and service is also worth mentioning depicting the professionalism in their work. Haveli is among the best options for couples seeking for a romantic dinner while watching the sunset. It will cost around Rs.1500-2000 for a nice full size meal.


Veranda Bistro:

Veranda Bistro is famous for its buffet and hi-tea. They were also known for serving unconventional menu items. With the delicate environment and beautiful lighting it makes the mood refreshing for a talk.

Apart from buffet and Hi-tea, you can also reserve a table at the courtyard for romantic candle light dinner with your love.

It will cost around Rs.1250 for Lunch buffet, Rs.950 for Hi-tea and Rs.1550 for dinner buffet each person. We hope their chocolate soup will make you drool.


La Atrium:

La Atrium in its existence substantiates the idea of healthy and hygienic cuisine experience, which makes it distinct from other contemporaries in the town. The absolute dinning aurora of the restaurant bears an extensive and blissfully adorned kids play area. The restaurant sets an emblematic stage to satisfy the crave for an ultimate eatery spread.

Apart from the food the design portrays more like Greenhouse backyard making it a real impeccable spot for candle light dinner.The quixotic place will captivate you and your partner to enjoy the meal and talk your heart out.

It cost around Rs.900-1000 per person.


 La Atrium

Café Nostra:

It would be unfair not to mention their catchphrase “our thing” i.e. Nostra. If you are an Italian food lover then Café Nostra is a place for you. It is a frequent paparazzi place to hangout.The food is a cut above the rest and well worth the slightly higher prices.

Apart from that the food is extremely tasty and mouthwatering.Located in Gulberg the pizzeria is in perfect place to have a date after shopping and movie. Feel like you are in your own private paradise with your loved one.

Cafe Nostra

BBQ Tonight:

BBQ tonight never disappoints you by its promising quality. If you are more into desi food then you can’t miss the place. Cool, refreshing and ideal for family environment. They have the best hummus as starters and it would be a sin if you went there and didn’t try their mutton chops. Don’t miss the place. You can enjoy desi food with your partner at this restaurant.

Rs.1500-2000 for couple.


BBQ Tonight

Arcadian Café:

Located at M.M Alam, it is one of the best place to take your partner out. With diverse menu, great Ambiance and slow background music it will do a trick to have a suppertime with your loved one.

A normal size meal cost you between Rs.1500-2500 for a couple.

Arcadian Cafe

Nadeem Buffet:

Nadeem Buffet claims to be the best buffet in town. I endorse their claim. If you are craving for a large mealand haven’t been to the restaurant then do take your partner there. With diverse food range from Pakistani to Chinese and Sea food the quality is also worth mentioning. A weekend escape for couples can be amazing here.

Rs.1200 per person.


 Nadeem Buffet

Butler’s Chocolate Café:

Being a chocolate lover I will high recommend giving a try to Butler’s coffee shop. The food is as good as it looks. Their enthusiasm to provide the best chocolate products is incredible. So if your mate loves chocolate then take her there. Don’t forget to order luscious Lava Cake to calm her if she’s mad at you. :-p


Butlers Cafe

China Town:

Long gone the time when Lung fung was considered to be the hub of Chinese aroma in Lahore. China town have replaced other Chinese food places like Xiwang and Lung fung restaurants with its promising quality and true Chinese food depiction. Sometimes the best spot for a couples’ getaway is the least obvious, the one where romance is all the more special.So whenever your appetite feels the desire to taste romance and Chinese food together just give it a try, and it won’t disappoint you.

The Dinner will cost around Rs.1500-2500.

  China Town

Turkish Restaurant:

Continuing the legacy of Turkish food after Baba Gosh and Nisa Sultan, Turkish Restaurant has provided the best Turkish foodstuff. The savory Kebabs and doners are so tempting to try it for once. The aroma and theme of the restaurant will refresh your mood.
Having Turkish tea after the meal will leave you mesmerize. And your partner will crave for this spot again and again.

The restaurant is a bit expensive but worth trying. It will cost from Rs.2000 to 3000 for a couple.

Turkish restaurant

If you are planning to have a date with someone then this place is must to visit in Lahore

Also, one must enjoys food with spending of some quality time with wife or partner.




  1. This article is extrememly helpful. Thank you Zaiqa team for helping me and my hubby find a perfect place for our first anniversary dinner <3