Endless fun begins with the first dawn of Summer! “So bright…so gay”. One must agree summer’s the best of all seasons, chilling nights, super tasty meals with great peace of mind.

Start a farmer market ritual098p

Visit one near you weekly (every Saturday morning, say), and stock up on the fruit you’ve been missing all winter. Put those berries, peaches, watermelon, or whatever
looks super-ripe into your smoothies, add a spa-like sprig of fresh mint, and sip slowly.

Celebrate the warmth “Happy feet”SASwitch into sunshine-and-sandals mode The perfect summer vacation requires the perfect summer sandal

Inhale it upzazaWe all have a summertime scent that transports us. What’s your favorite? Whether it’s just-cut grass or fresh tomatoes and basil, when you happen upon it, stop for a moment and breathe it in.

Put a small bouquet of fresh flowers in your bathroomwws

Little natural touches in unexpected places will keep you in a
feel-great frame of mind.

Download a summer mix for your commute

Cheerful young woman listening music in headphones in loft apartment

Include only upbeat songs that remind you of the best happenings!

All play and no workws2wPut that laptop away, and hunker down to having fun.

Cheers!Water-Should-I-DrinkBe fresh, have fresh water whenever you are thirsty enjoy your summers. It’s a pleasure!