A distinctive name as its theme, Chaye Thaana has gained some serious attention by all the food magnets out there. As it has turned a norm to establish a themed based café in Pakistan it’s not surprising to behold a café ambiance structured on our respective Police Stations.


Well, this café is surely casting that fear away from us by changing our perspective of Police Station in an optimistic way. We should appreciate that right?IMG_5521

So as for the theme it’s exceptional and one of its kind. It persuades us to overlook all the pessimistic approach we have towards police stations (Thaana) as we say it.IMG_5517

Want to file FIR against someone? Chaye Thaana is just the place to take him/her to this prison and spur on your tea cups with some heavenly and tempting snacks to satisfy your hunger.IMG_5512

Extremely entertaining and exquisite venue to accelerate your mood with some fancy bars around you coiled up with steel wires and hanging ropes at the doorstep will give you shiver down your spine but you would excuse all the fear inside you when you just gulp in the best tea in town.

Sitting Preferences:

With outdoor and indoor sitting arrangement, outdoor sitting is necessary to have an enjoyable ambiance and cherish the pleasant weather with some soothing tea to relish.IMG_5502

 Food Experience:

The menu or we may call it Parcha includes all the snacks and munching items you would surely love to have in your tea party, as for munching we had a long list of snacks that outright with the Nutella tea that we ordered;

-Pizza Paratha Wrap

-Chicken samosa


-Dhaka Fish

-Thaana’s special steak

We acclaim you all to go for Dhaka Fish, Pizza Paratha Wrap and Nutella tea with your friends and play some cards on your table stationed in front of you.IMG_5543

Chicken Paratha rolls are mouthwatering and tasty with the soothing sauces that fill up your mouth with burst of exciting flavors. Chicken steak didn’t get our attention, but their Nutella tea surely did.tea

Get the creeps? Well then don’t forget to look at the pictures of hazardous criminals hanging on the wall right behind the SHO’s table.IMG_5520


As expected, the display of all the food items was in a fine platter with bit of all the specialties that define their taste and cater some of their pre-eminent delights.

Talking about presenting the food how can We peter out one of the most eye catchy face off in all the prison cum café ambiance? Yea, the workers!IMG_5530

Could you imagine deadly prisoners cooking food for you and carrying a tray full of delectable food items to cherish! Rare combination isn’t it?


Chaye Thaana has a lot nice things to offer but certainly it has some bleaks to be concerned about.IMG_5495

The place is quite congested and cannot accommodate large number of clientele. The lighting in the café is not preferable for best clicks. You surely need to turn on your own camera lights for that.

Thaana steak, well, you have more amazing items to order.


To be economical with such overwhelming theme is the outstanding feature of Chaye chaye thaana

Don’t need to have tea on price of cutting down your budget; it’s the perfect place to satisfy your pocket and appetite simultaneously.

Recommended or not:

Definitely yes! Because we are going again soon.

So Tea lovers? Hurry up and step in one of the most exciting tea houses in Lahore. Rejoice your visit with your loved ones!


It is stationed in DHA phase 2 Supermarket, Lahore


Sunday-Friday: 5pm-12am

Saturday: 5pm-1am


For more information kindly visit Chaye Thaana’s facebook page or Contact them on 03-15-420-4400

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