Russian salad is a salad that no needs any introduction. It is the world most famous salad recipe that is also called Olivier recipe. It gives unique taste and full of nutritional values. So enjoy this easy homemade Russian salad recipe now.


2 potatoes

1 cup peas

1 apples

2 carrots

Smoked Chicken 150 grams

2 tb spoons Lemon Juice

4 tb spoon Mayonnaise

Salt and pepper few pieces of pine Apple full  Cream yogurt 400 grams


Boil potatoes,peas and carrots separately until they become tender.cut apple carrot and potato into small cubes along the pine apple pieces and pour the lemon juice over it.Gently mix these vegetables and fruits and add small cubes of smoked chicken then add all the mixture in a bowl of yogurt and stir well, serve cold.

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