Nature has provided us many benefits, to live and enjoy a healthy life. Our ancestors were aware of the health benefits of these plants, but unfortunately we have forgotten these in favor of contemporary medicines we have made a trend on spending so much on health treatments. What simple we need to do is to inculcate these plants into our daily routine lives and take care of our health from dangerous conditions.

There are certain plants which act absolutely as a natural medicine in keeping our body healthy. The more educated you are about your health and well being the better off you are.Mint and Ginger are two of the most powerful plants which give health benefits, as

Mint improves digestion, cools body temperature, eases gas and bloating, clears skin, aids with depression, helps memory, aids weight loss and is a pick me up when fatigued.

Ginger reduces asthma symptoms, aids nausea and motion sickness, controls hunger; it is antibacterial, anti-viral and anti-parasitic, protects against toxins, protects against respiratory problems, improves absorption and strengthens immunity.

There are good enzymes as well in raw honey which helps you digest better as well. With all these benefits, it’s safe to say that it has no artificial colors or flavors being low in sugar and it’s sure to be a hit at any party or picnic. It’s the perfect family drink.ginger-mint-simple-syrupIngredients:

2-4 Tbs. fresh grated ginger

½ cup fresh mint, snipped

1 ½ cups raw honey

2 cups water

Sparkling mineral water


Combine all ingredients except mineral water in a half gallon jar Shake very well to incorporate the honey into the water. Place in the refrigerate for 4-8 hours to let flavors blend. Strain to remove the chunks of mint and ginger. You now have your syrup. To serve add ¼ cup syrup to ½ – ¾ cup sparkling water. Stir and enjoy!