A migraine headache can cause intense throbbing or a pulsing sensation in one area of the head and is commonly accompanied by nausea, vomiting, and extreme sensitivity to light and sound.

Those who suffer migraines, life can become a nightmare to them. One mother plagued with the painful headaches claims that she has found relief through using a menthol bubble bath.

Jill Hamilton shared a tip on facebook that taking bath with Johnson’s Baby soothing vapour bath has cured her migraines.

The post has racked up nearly 10,000 Likes and has been shared more than 105,000 times since it was uploaded on March 5. Commenting on the tip, Professor Paul Goadsby, of King’s College London and who specializes in migraines, told Mail Online that there is evidence menthol can relieve the headaches. However, he urged sufferers to continue seeing a doctor and taking their medicine.

The tip that menthol products can be used to relive migraines has struck a chord with people all over the world, with more than 10,100 people commenting on the Facebook post.

Use Menthol to Cure Migraine

One user, Jenny Roselli, wrote, “Yes… this could definitely be helpful for people. The combination of the heat from the shower and the eucalyptus for me it depends on how bad the migraine is. Sometimes it goes and sometimes it is gone while I’m in there. Definitely encourage everyone to give this a try.” Another called Laura Husted Peck said, “I will try it. I sure hope they find something to help me out with these headaches.”

Sarah Lee wrote, “I have chronic daily headaches. I’ve received Botox every three months since 2010, tried every medication out there and even recently pierced my Daith, just because I after seeing it on Facebook and doing some research to see if there really is a nerve there that contributes to migraines, with no relief! I’ll try anything.”

Today, a migraine expert told MailOnline that it is unlikely Hamilton’s friend is “cured” but there is some evidence menthol products can help relieve migraines.

Professor Goadsby of the National Institute for Health Research, King’s College London, said migraines are an inherited disorder whose severity is known to fluctuate – so she should not assume her lack of migraines is related to the bath gel! He said, “There’s good documentation migraine sufferers will go through good periods and bad periods. The disorder randomly varies. It may be the shower gel or she may be in a period where she’s randomly better. And I don’t want to be cynical, but it’s likely this lady’s migraine is controlled but not cured.”

However, he said studies show menthol, one of the ingredients in the product, can relieve migraines. This is because it activates the menthol receptor in the skin, which makes us feel cooler.

“Whenever you put menthol on your head, you feel cool, that’s because you are activating menthol receptor. It comes from a family of receptors that change the way we feel. For example capsaicin, the ingredient in pepper, activates a receptor in our bodies that makes us feel hot, even though our temperature hasn’t changed. And menthol activates the receptor that makes us feel cool!”, he added.

Studies across populations have linked activating this receptor with relieving migraines, Professor Goadsby, who also chairs the British Association for the Study of Headache, said.

Professor Goadsby continued. “There is a link – and evidence for the link – but the cause isn’t understood! There is an over-the-counter menthol stick that some patients find relieving. They’ll rub it on their forehead and it may relieve them. Researchers should look into cases like these and try and find out why this effect occurs and then we could find out who might benefit from treatments involving the menthol receptor.”