Using apple cider vinegar:


Apple cider vinegar is known to be a handy ingredient in home remedies for different ailments and skin conditions. In case of dandruff being caused by fungus, it will work as an effective fungicide. The way of using this ingredient in getting rid of dandruff is explained below:


Half a cup of white or apple cider vinegar

Half a cup of warm water


The water and the vinegar need to be mixed in a cup. The total amount will vary as per the amount of hair one has. The mixture needs to be poured over the hair and massaged on the scalp gently for a few minutes. It should be rinsed off with water alone. One should wait for eight to twelve hours before shampooing the hair. It can be repeated once or twice a week.


Use of baking soda:


Baking soda is a common ingredient that is used in many recipes as well as for remedying many kinds of infections. It can help to remove due to its exfoliating nature that can help remove excess skin. It can even act as a fungicide. If the cause of dandruff is fungus the baking soda particles can combine with the excess skin particles and remove them before they turn into flakes.


1 tsp of baking soda

A cup of water

One could even add a few drops of rosemary oil


The tablespoon of baking soda needs to be mixed in one cup of warm water. The mixture should be stirred and applied on the scalp generously. It could be used in place of shampoo as well, especially if one is using rosemary which lends a pleasant smell.


Using neem leaves:


Neem is an Indian herb that is known for its numerous medicinal properties. It will surely work wonders for your dandruff. Not only will it help to soothe the scalp skin if it is feeling itchy, its antifungal properties will ensure that there is no overgrowth of fungus which can aggravate the dandruff condition.


1-2 handful of neem leaves

4-5 cups of hot water


One needs to add the neem leaves to the hot water and allow the mixture to stand overnight. The next morning, the solution should be obtained by straining the mixture. This should then be used to rinse the hair. A paste could also be made out of the leaves and applied on the scalp. This paste should be allowed to sit for an hour before it is washed off with water.


The use of aspirin:


If you did not know it, you will be surprised to know that aspirin can cure more than headaches. Such tablets can be used effectively as a solution for dandruff at home.

It is mainly due to the salicylic acid content in these tablets. This is an active ingredient which is also used in many commercial anti dandruff shampoos. The anti microbial and anti fungal properties that salicylic acid has makes it effective against dandruff. In case of inflamed skin caused due to scratching and irritation, the aspirin will soothe the infected skin as well.


Two aspirin tablets

Regular shampoo


The aspirin tablets need to be crushed into fine powder. It should then be added to the regular shampoo before it is applied to the hair. Once the shampoo is mixed with the aspirin powder, it should be added to the scalp and allowed to sit for two minutes. After that the hair should be rinsed off. This could be repeated every other day till the dandruff problem is under control.


Use of lemon:


Lemon may have certain acidic properties that helps to remove the flakes and to reduce the excess oil from the scalp. Thus, if the dandruff has been caused due to excess oil in the scalp, the lemon juice helps to cut down its effect.


Take 2 tablespoons of lemon juice and one more spoon of it separately

One cup of water


One needs to apply the two tablespoons of lemon juice directly to the scalp. After it is allowed to sit for a minute, one can mix the other spoon of lemon juice in the cup of water and rinse the hair with it. One should be careful not to allow the lemon juice to it for too long as it can dry out the scalp.