Here are some helpful kitchen tips and tricks. I tried a number of these, they work like a charm.

  • For smelly hands after chopping onions or garlic:


Rub them on a stainless steel spoon. The steel will absorb the odor.

  • Over-salt a pot of soup?

01-2015 Potato Soup Tip Test-3

Drop in a peeled potato; it will absorb the excess salt.

  • Not sure if your eggs are fresh?


Place them in about four inches of water. Eggs that stay on the bottom are fresh. If only one end tips up, the egg is less fresh and should be used soon. If it floats, it’s past the fresh stage.

  • When boiling eggs, add a pinch of salt to keep the shells from cracking!


  • To keep potatoes from budding in the bag:


Put an apple in with them.

  • Making soup, sauce, or a casserole that is too fatty or greasy?


Drop in an ice cube. The ice will attract the fat, which you can then scoop out. Or, sweep a piece of bread over the top of the liquid – the oil will be attracted to the bread.

  • If your milk always goes bad before you can finish it:


Add a pinch of salt to the carton when you first open it, It’ll stay fresh days longer.

  • When storing empty airtight containers, throw in a pinch of salt to keep them from getting stinky.


  • Cottage cheese will remain fresher for longer!


If you store it upside down in the refrigerator.

  • To prevent fat from splattering!


When frying sausage or bacon, try flouring them lightly.