“This cool and healthy dip can be served alongside rice and meat, or simply with bread. No Persian meal is complete without Maast-o khiaar! This dish is best if refrigerated for a few hours, but if you are strapped for time feel free to serve after mixing. Don’t be afraid to get creative! Try adding spinach, raisins, or walnuts. Other herbs could be used as well (i.e. mint, tarragon, oregano). More cucumbers, less shallots…it’s your call! Enjoy!”

Cucumber Dill Yogurt Dip (Maast o Khiaar)


2 cups full-fat Greek yogurt

2 Persian cucumbers cut lengthwise into fourths and minced

2 tbsp (about 1 handful) minced fresh dill with stems discarded, or 1 tbsp dry

¾ tsp salt

½ tsp black pepper

¾ tsp garlic powder

Cucumber Dill Yogurt Dip (Maast o Khiaar)


Place cucumbers in a clean dish towel or paper towel and gently squeeze out any liquid.

Add yogurt to a small-medium mixing bowl and mix in cucumbers and all the rest of the ingredients.

Serve as a side dish to your meal, use as a salad dressing, a dip, or a spread for sandwiches. Enjoy!

Cucumber Dill Yogurt Dip (Maast o Khiaar)
Cucumber Dill Yogurt Dip (Maast o Khiaar)
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