Always cherry-pick the nutritive breakfast menu!

In a high-end living area the most exotic café, known for its genuity is JADE.


Extremely exquisite “Jade” on Kasuri Road, has recently become the top-notch café offering healthily the priciest breakfast all day long in town.


A closer look at the café reveals a picturesque,bohemian little eatery, bistro-style dining in its most real form. As soon as you enter,you are hosted by the courteous staff on the desk.

One would surely get accosted by vivid and cheerful warm red walls, heaps of photographs of classical antiquity hanging on the wall of the café, on a fresh dark-green background, including highly courteous staff, which makes it an excellent brunch spot, in all seasons flawlessly!

The ambiance is excellent, cutting the long short,Jade a wonderful place to spend excellent time with family and friends, cheers!

Trend starter:

Jade was the first in town to introduce early breakfast in a friendly environment with diversity, which later became the trend.It is counted among the best restaurants that offers hale and hearty breakfast. The inkling of offering breakfast at cafes and restaurants especially Jade, has caught up wildly fast among Lahoris, especially for workaholics.

Family oriented:

It’s a magnificent place to sit and have a comfortable atmosphere for gossiping, working on collage assignments, for combine study, relaxation, celebrations and much more. Highly recommended to visit with your friends and family and spend quality time,owing touts comfortable environment and rational pricing. 

Food Experience:

Besides the first eye-catching look, the real question remains unanswered! Whether the menu is up to the mark or not?

Affirmatively Yes! They offer all-day breakfast: a variety of pancakes, waffles, crepes, eggs, sandwiches, pizzas, and more. The food range is fresh, delectable, and served very swiftly.

We will definitely visit again. For now, below is the list of what we ordered

  • Shakshuka (Western Skillet and Spanish Skillet)
  • Philly Cheese Steak Omelette.
  • Cinnamon French toast.
  • Cappuccino and Black Coffee.
  • Lime chiller.
  • Jade special doodh pati.


Obviously Jade is famous for their breakfast, the yummiest omelettes (they literally have variety of omelettes and egg dishes), jade’s special Doodh Pati, and dare not to forget their Nutella stuffed toasts (Heaven on earth).

Sitting preferences:

It’s not at all a throng place because, Jade Cafe doesn’t seat more than 30 people indoors, and perhaps around 20 outside in the outdoor, so you can choose according to weather, people usually prefer to sit inside in morning and outside in evening.

Finding a table should be easy because if you don’t get one inside, there’s always the cosy outdoor sitting area, and if you’re lucky and the weather is beautiful, then the outdoor area should be your choice otherwise If you prefer sitting inside, try grabbing the tables besides the large windows to enjoy some sunshine.


It’s an economical place for everyone. The food is very reasonably priced.


With quite friendly timings from 8:00AM – 1:00AM, You can even order online and get the delicious food at your door step.


They definitely take reservations too for lunch, dinners, parties and birthdays. One can book the hall for celebrations or as desired, before time. Call on (042) 35750059 for reservations.

After the above mentioned review, I can surely bet that one would be almost indemnified to leave Jade Café with a mostly-full pochette and an intensely appeased stomach. Undeniably, a worth-trying place!