Summer is upon us!

Scorching summer heat is unbearable for everyone, but there is a solution to beat the heat this time!

WaterwswFirst and foremost is the water, have water as much as you can, whenever you feel thirsty. It makes your skin glow, keeping fresh, active and hydrated.

Fruit Juicesfresh-pressed-juices-1920x1080Fruit juices are one of the best solution to keep yourself active and healthy. Use of lemon, grapes watermelon, pineapple and banana plays a vital role in maintaining up your body health. Consuming these fruity juices helps you reduce body heat and control the body temperature.

Diet in summery5h5hAvoid food that contains too much oil, starch and fats. Say no to junk food and draw yourself towards healthy diet green vegetables, salads and most importantly homemade recipes are always the best. Dairy products especially lassi is the best combination in lunch. It keeps you cool and refreshing.

Say No to Tea or CoffeeteaaaAvoid hot drinks as tea or coffee, green tea is more preferable to be taken after lunch or dinner, it helps in quick digestion.