Cholay Ingredients:

Semolina / sooji/ bombai rava – 1 cup

Raisins – 1tsp

Cardamom Pods – 4

Chironji – 1 tsp

Cashewnuts – 6-8

Sugar – 1 cup

Water – 2 cups

Ghee (clarified butter) – ¼ cup

Food colour – Yellow / orange optional


How to make Cholay:

  • Heat clarified butter or in a pot until well hot. Add cardamom dry fruits and nuts and fry. Add semolina and roast the semolina on very low heat until it turns light brown and gives a nice aroma.
  • Boil the water in a separate bowl, add the fried semolina and keep mixing, so it doesn’t form lumps.
  • Cover and keep on low heat and let it simmer until the water is absorbed (approximately 5 to 10 minutes.) Remove from heat and serve.

Halwa Recipe:


2 cups semolina (sooji)

1 cup sugar

1/4 tsp yellow food color

10 almonds, boiled

20 pistachios, boiled

4 cloves

6 cardamoms

1/2 cup oil

10 raisins

For Puris

1 cup whole wheat flour

1 tsp sugar

Salt to taste

Oil as required


How to make Halwa:

  • Heat oil in a pan, split the cardamoms and put them in it.
  • Add semolina and fry till it is cooked; take out the fried semolina in a bowl.
  • Heat sugar and little water in a pan to dissolve the sugar. Mix food color in this.
  • When everything is combined then add semolina. Add almonds, pistachios and raisins. Take out in dish and serve with hot pooris.

 How to make Poori:

  • Put flour, sugar, salt and 1tbsp oil in a bowl and mix well. Gradually add in little water and knead it into hard dough.
  • Cover the kneaded dough with soaked thin cloth for a little while.
  • Make small balls, pat the balls lightly with oil and roll them out.
  • Heat oil in a wok and fry the pooris in it. Drain on paper towel.