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Refreshing Summer Drinks

Beat the heat with these cool summer drink. With fruit drinks as well as creative twists on classic lemonade and blended margaritas.

Forget fat-filled iced lattes and sugary flavoured waters. These homemade summer drinks will leave you just as satisfied, minus the calories.

Watermelon slush
Refreshing Summer Drinks

We’ve chosen a collection of refreshing drink recipes for you to try this season.

Coconut water:

Coconut water is a refreshing alternative when things get hot. It’s perfect for replenishing electrolytes after a sweaty workout session or a hot day. Coconut water has more potassium and fewer calories than a regular sports drink.

Coconut Drink
Coconut Water

How to consume:

Coconut water is  sold in most health food and convenience stores, but of course you can always crack open a coconut yourself for that fresh, tropical experience.

Drink it on its own or (if you’re not a fan of the taste) add it to smoothies.

Homemade iced tea:

The summer is a perfect time to enjoy all the healing qualities of herbal teas in its most refreshing form naturally flavoured with fresh herbs, lemon and raw honey for a touch of sweetness.

Homemade iced teas offer everything from digestive support (with peppermint tea) to the calming effects of chamomile, depending on what steep.

Lemon Iced Tea
Iced tea


  • Steep peppermint tea in water for 30 minutes (two tea bags per litre of water).
  • Add one tablespoon of honey per litre and chill.
  • Add fresh lemon slices and be sure to drink cold.

Fresh juice:

Fresh juice delivers instant energy directly into our cells. Full of living enzymes, chlorophyll, vitamins and minerals, this hit of health is an energizing pick-me up on a hot day. Living enzymes aid in digestion, which is an important factor in healthy glowing skin, increased immunity and energy, while chlorophyll.

Fresh Juice
Fresh Juices (Orange, Kiwi, Apple)

How to consume:

With an abundance of juice companies popping up in the city, fresh juice is easier to buy than ever. However, if you have the time, and are willing, buying a juicer and juicing at home is a more economical option. Try juicing greens such as kale with cucumber, parsley, ginger, lemon and green apple for sweetness.

Old H20 with fruit, citrus and herbs:

The classic combination of lemon and water jazzed up with fresh berries, cucumber and herbs like mint and basil make getting your daily requirements of water (which increases with the heat) much more enjoyable.

water detox
Detox Water (Orange, Cucumber, Mint, Basil)

While lemon supports a healthy liver, by increasing bile production and providing detox support, mint is naturally stimulating and energizing. Cucumber does its part to relieve stress thanks to its B vitamin content.

Add these, or experiment with your favourite produce, to increase the nutrition (and beauty) of your next glass of water.