Minor burns are very common at home. You can have burns by accidentally touching a hot stove, microwave, waffle iron and other things that heat up.

If you are at risk of having burns, do not worry, since there are several home remedies for burns.

Tea Bags:


Home remedies for burn is black tea bag, because it has tannic acid, which can aid in drawing the heat from the burns. To use tea bag for burns, simply place 2-3 tea bags in cool water, then collect the tea in small bowl, and carefully put the tea bag in the burn site.

Aloe Vera:


For burns, cut the aloe vera leaves in two pieces and squeeze the juice out. Afterwards, apply the aloe vera gel in the burned area.

Raw Potato:

Slices of potatoes

Cut several slices of raw potato and gently rub it in the burn. Just make sure that the potato is releasing its juice in the burned skin. For best results, use this home remedy right after the burn occurred.

Egg Whites:


To use egg whites, separate several whites from yolks and then soak the burned skin in the egg whites. After soaking the burned skin in egg white for several hours, you will no longer feel the pain associated with burns.