Four best must eat in Karachi

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Four best must eat in Karachi

Karachi is known to be as the city of lights and famous for its delicious food, there are so many hotels, food streets. If we talk about famous restaurants in Karachi then there is a huge list but there are few restaurants famous for their atmosphere, environment and food style. These restaurants are depicted to the culture and tradition of Pakistan. Let’s check them out below.




Kolachi restaurant is one of the most favorite and famous restaurants in Karachi. It’s famous for its beautiful beach view.

Kolachi is located at Do Darya at beachfront Deep Avenue. The restaurant is famous for its sea view and wooden based terrace.

The most delicious foods at Kolachi are Kolachi Karahi, Lahori Fish, Hunza Kabab and so many more. This is a Milanese and Pakistani food court who also provide Chinese and Continental foods.




Okra is also a most famous restaurant in Karachi. Okra is a tiny rustic Mediterranean style restaurant. The restaurant was established in year 1999.

Okra is famous for its high quality and fresh ingredient and hygienic atmosphere. It is the small spaced restaurant in Karachi but famous for its delicious foods.

The special foods at Okra are Fresh Figs with Breseola, Smoked Trout, Black Ink Pasta and Desi Items like Kheema Methi with Paratha. They also serve some best and yummy breads including olive focaccia.




Fuchsia is also very well known restaurant in Karachi. It is the popular Thai Cuisine restaurant with chic modern interior. This restaurant is famous for its delicious foods.

The menu offers at Fuchsia is Thai foods like salads and hand-wrapped dumplings, curries and stir-fry. The grilled beef salad, crispy fired red snapper in tamarind sauce and green curry are the most popular dishes at Fuchsia.


sakura Restaurant


Sakura is the only Japanese food based restaurant in Karachi. It is located at the top of PC Hotel. The Nobu-style restaurant is famous for its delicious Japanese foods. It is the place to go for great sushi and the teppanyaki tables. The restaurant is full of with Japanese environment that give an artist effect.