Evergreen love of Lahore ‘FOOD’, Lahories fuel to energize their bodies how they can miss this wonderful chance of having food of their dreams, temptingly delicious and irresistible. A royal treat for all the foodies out there.


31st march .2017 was the official opening of Lahore Eat Festival, one of the second biggest food festivals, bringing the best cuisines in town. Amazingly a perfect place to spend quality time with family and friends, relish the tasty treat and chilled drinks, embracing summers. Celebrate the burst of flavors all around with eye catching decorated stalls.


Whoa! Talking of stalls, will make your mind stuck for seconds when you have more than 80 stalls ahead, all with their perfection. The food of your dreams, which one can’t afford normally, is given on more than 40% discount. Many of the stalls also serving absolutely free is just mind boggling. I bet no one would resist from availing such a superb offer! The co partners who have their hands in this food festival have done a great effort in making the stalls mesmerizing by inculcating them with colorful lights, reflecting the liveliness of the event. And the most remarkable factor of this food festival is the comfortable, enjoyable and family environment. People from every walk of life are coming to this festival with their families and rejoicing every moment, making it memorable. A great opportunity to spend time in such a cozy environment.  Sitting arrangement is quite up to the mark, nice and comfortable. It’s a family oriented fiesta, we don’t get to have such kind of festivals of that standard all the time.



What compliments food and fun better than music? yes…this food festival is not only offering some special treats for you but also live concerts of famous bands and all day long you get to listen to latest trendy songs of 2017. LCDs are displayed all around the ground so that you can enjoy the screening of songs with videos and get the full pleasure of your favorite food items. Having a classy delicious food with some background music of your choice, what more can you ask for? So how can anyone miss out such an overwhelming opportunity!

Two more days to go… day down. Grab your plates and relish the scrumptious bites of your favorite cuisines.