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5 DIY Beauty Fixes in Your Kitchen

There are so many beauty fixes in your kitchen, you really don’t need to buy any more beauty products from the store. Whether you realize it or not, your kitchen is a veritable treasure trove of ingredients, the majority of which are better for you than anything you can buy anyway.

If you’re interested in awesome DIY home beauty products, just keep reading. Natural beauty remedies can be whipped together by using simple, basic items probably found throughout your home.

DIY home beauty products

Here are five simple remedies to help solve almost every beauty problems.

  • Problem: Blackheads

Remedy: Cinnamon


Use cinnamon to clear blackheads, mix it with honey and use it on the blackheads for about 10-15mins and rinse off.

  • Problem: Frizzy hair

Remedy: Vitamin E oil

Frizzy hair
Vitamin E oil

To tame dry, frizzy hair smooth a small amount of vitamin e oil on your hair to make them appear soft and shiny.

  • Problem: Yellow teeth

Remedy: Strawberry

How to make teeth white

Use strawberries to whiten your teeth naturally. Mash strawberries along with some baking soda to make a paste, dip your clean tooth brush and brush your teeth. Leave it on for few mins and rinse off thoroughly.

  • Problem: Sun burn

Remedy: Milk


Use cold milk to treat sun burn. Dip a wash cloth in a bowl of cold milk and use it on the affected area.

  • Problem: Bumps and rashes

Remedy: Aloe Vera

Bumps and rashes
Aloe Vera

Use chilled aloe vera gel to treat redness and razor burns. The calming properties of aloe vera will soothe the skin.