Tuscany Courtyard brings you Italian food, for the first time in Lahore!

  Amore a prima vista! (Love at first sight)

There is nothing more romantic than Italian food!  Elisha Cuthbert


If you haven’t eaten your way across Italy yet, so don’t get your knickers in your twist Sii Felice (be happy)!

It’s now like heaven on earth, just few minutes away you can enter into your dream Italy and relish all the mouthful magical dishes as you desire, Salute!

Whoa! Applause, appreciation, heartfelt, Guts. At last, Pakistan’s very own (call it what you will) “Italian Courtyard” “ethical dining” restaurant opened end-January, in Lahore. The name Tuscany is a harmony in its own way. After Islamabad, Lahore is on top notch list among great restaurants So Tuscany is also not lagging behind but a risk for all others already in the town has raised tremendously. Owners are overwhelmed to have this chance in Lahore too.

In the heart of Lahore, M M Alam. Successfully Tuscany being opened on public demand is running on, greatly. Grand opening was held a month ago.

Talking to the Director, he explained the positive feedback of public and then deciding to open in Lahore on their demand was a sinfully delicious experience. While developing the concept behind Tuscany, were a few day vocations in Italy which urged them to bring this Italian food in Pakistan.

Tuscany is an extraordinary pure Italian feast of heart-thumping, soul-stirring art, food and landscapes Italian murals rivaled by few and coveted by millions. Ben fetto owners (well done)! Though the food presented is blend in Islamabad but they had to change their dishes adding spices in it. So this could satisfy Lahories taste buds. Besides that they neither copy nor change any dishes name. But made their own dishes naming themselves, and the sauces are purely their chef’s recipes. Chefs are trained from Islamabad under the supervision of the head that had his culinary training from Scotland.


Innovations always work; western styles are admired by people living here, so this Italian courtyard is also doing the same job.

Living in a big city when enter in the courtyard, Murals with scenes from Italy make a perfect complement, requiring a centralized focal point. Italian murals have eminently become famous among designers and homeowners after this courtyard. Italy’s rich collection of ancient buildings, and famous art galleries have led to its ever-growing popularity among art enthusiasts


The inside sitting is attractive and beautiful. Ceilings adorned with murals. Makes you feel as if in Italy courtyard for a dinner or lunch. Outside is too romantic to handle. Maybe the charm of Venice’s famous gondolas calls to you or you find Tuscany’s charm irresistible. The theme follows Venice’s style. No matter what you love most about Italy, or if don’t you’re sure to find the Tuscany’s interior and murals to inspire some great decor.Waiters well dressed in black code. Always in a hassle serving the customers, this place holds hundred to hundred and eighty five at a time. Outside dinning is cheerful and refreshing, inside is peaceful and sophisticated one.

The owner added “My service is sometimes nervy, but fast and dutiful. A brisk professionalism is at work throughout the restaurant. The bar service (which is under work) and the list, overseen by the manager, are welcoming whether you have specific tastes or just a general notion of what you like. Meals always ended on a high note thanks to the chef, he has a nimble mind and a sensible palate, a great combination that results in desserts like a skillet brownie, specialty of the dessert. The attractive part is that it has sliced bananas added which comes in mouth so gooey and makes you feel so romantic.

Regardless of the customers coming all desires to taste a new dish, separately and menu gives that pleasure, though service is slow initially but one would love to wait when a delicious appetite is to join you. Tuscany courtyard has so many strengths that few people will leave unhappy.

Menu: “Specialty”

Main course meal is the primary dish, and if you are after a really hearty meal. So. “Wonderful dishes for pranzoi and cena are always waiting for you to perk you up!

qaqaq2aPolo Tuscan “This was a winner.”Perfect, tender, well-seasoned and succulent. In salads we ordered Grilled Chicken Pesto Salad,in main course Mushroom and Cheese Ravioli, Pollo Jalapeno Pizza, polo Tuscan (truly Tuscany’s recipe) Chicken Grilled Mushroom and Tarragon Sauce, Lasagna, Grilled Chicken and Jelopeno Cheese Sauce and Wild Shiitake Mushroom steaks. In less than 20 minutes, we were spooning polo Tuscan, stuff chicken breasts with spinach served with rice and topped with some cheesy sauce a comforting cloud-like crust of mashed potatoes, seasoned with broccoli, lettuce and garnished with lemon made me gobble down the entire dish heartily almost soft.

In desserts we only ordered skillet brownie, topped with sliced bananas. After having such a great yumlicious food, we all craved for sweet and wanted to satisfy our sweet tooth though I ain’t a sweet person but decided to have dessert this time, skillet brownie was the perfect blend that concluded the course main meal, so gooey inside, served melting hot, it made our taste buds go crazy. I was fixated on skillet brownie, topped with gooey banana slices, which I fantasized about eating with a spoon.

Hot Fudge Chocolate skillet Brownie

Whether you are looking for pies, cookies, cupcakes or cakes that strike your fancy, they have you covered. So, whenever the sweet tooth comes a-knocking’, dish up one these luscious desserts truly made under Tuscany’s kitchen by a trained chef. Whether it’s brownies, pie, or cake that strikes your fancy, these delicious finger licking desserts will full your questBookings, reservations are appreciated here, and no matter what the occasion is, Tuscany is available for social events that range from classic to casual.

 “The trouble with eating Italian food is that after five or six days you are again hungry.”

George miller!

  Buon appetito!

(Enjoy your meal)