“Be loyal to the royal within you”

Caffe Royale has its introduction by its name….but it’s not that Royale if you draw a high notion in your mind. Obviously the coffee which allows kids to have smoke in their snooker lounge is surely going to kick all the others cafes present in the town. So from now

                                    “when parents won’t let you smoke caffe Royale would do the job”3edIt’s the first time ever caffé which doesn’t kick you out even if you don’t bother ordering, and can stay as long as one wants to, use WiFi, and spend quality time with your friends. It opens at 9 am till 2 am at night.

First thing that strikes you went entering this restaurant is the amazing layout and view. The view from the restaurant is spectacular. Each floor has its specialty and the sitting is awesome, nearly all the seats have some sort of view which is great. The seats are specially designed to give an impression of being royal.wsThe 7th floor building is quite surprising, presenting basement for parties, surprises etc where functions, celebrations could take place, you needn’t to book the lounge before time it provides you services on the spot as well. The first one is the Privilege lounge, the second one is the Readers lounge where one can enjoy its beverage and study, the 3rd one is the Signature Lounge where there is peaceful sophisticated environment for families, then comes the Cigar Lounge for smoke lovers, who could relish every inch of puff calmly, in a tranquil ambiance, the fourth Lounge is the Game Snooker Lounge, brings you games to have a fantastic time.

cr4Scientific studies have cited coffee as an important antioxidant, which perks you more than that early morning pick me up.

Caffe Royale brings you 20 types of coffee for the first time ever; it would surely give us a second to think before order the usual one, when so many types would become our options.Now days they are running on a scheme to give all of you a chance to relish their pure sips of coffee, free of cost. This is honestly a lavish offer!

Though it’s purely a coffee lounge, their objective is to promote the origin of coffee acquainting the customers with its actual worth.

I am loyal to the coffee lovers and was quite excited to experience the new digs in caffe Royale, in tasting the coffee they served us. Being over confident the marketing managers did incredible job in keeping up their brand and quality consistent.ededThey really show care for the couples and their comfort so they make you arrange special sitting to make you feel royal (a royal date). They allow you to sit without ordering for as much time as you want.

To be honestly we weren’t offered the main course meal and dessert and it kept biting at us so I would not tell anything about it, had we been offer the food, then would have added the experience of eating. Well if you plan to have lunch or dinner from Caffe Royale then Pay attention to the taste, texture, aroma, appearance, and temperature of the different foods you eat, you guys can experience the pleasure of food yourself. We were only entertained with a cup of coffee, which was a great disappointment. Upon my first sip, I didn’t have the full bodied taste that I crave, and felt disappointed.

One of my team mates used the toilet and terribly came back with an awful smile. The grimace on his face told us that the toilet was shocking; one could hardly bear the vile smell.


Indeed, keeping aside the flaws this place is surely going to beat others for its remarkable location, and is definitely going to be a great spot for youngsters, coffee lovers to catch up with friends and grab a light snack or lunch.

Honestly, for a quick lunch bite that everyone can agree on among my work circle Coffee Royale is the place!