Hands are one of the most delicate parts of body. From eating food to picking up anything, we do everything with the help of hands. The skin of hands is more sensitive than other body parts. Soft and beautiful hands add the charm in an individual’s personality, while dull and unappealing hands demote it.

Your hand need regular hand care. That’s why paying full attention towards your hands is must to maintain attractive and young-looking appearance.

Rose Water:


One of the most effective beauty tips for hands is applying the mixture of rose water and glycerin before you go to sleep. Follow this remedy for at least two weeks to get observable results.

Petroleum Jelly:


You can turn rough and hard hands gentle and smooth hands through regular application of carbolic acid and petroleum jelly mixture.



Another home remedy for beautiful hands involves the combination of honey, glycerin and egg white. Mix the constituents thoroughly to make a fine paste and apply it to your hands for few minutes.



Give your hands home-mani treatment at least once a week. Home manicure involves four basic step, soaking the hands in warm water, massaging hands skin with a cream or lotion, washing the hands and applying a moisturizer.