The fried starter is very popular in South Asia and parts around it. Made with ready to use roll wrappers this recipe is really a quick starter to prepare and delicious to eat. The filling is made with a mix of veggies stir fried with oriental sauces. Crispy on the outside and juicy inside these are a favorite recipe for kids’ parties or for that matter any party!

You can even turn this vegetarian recipe into a non-vegetarian starter by adding your choice of meat in the filling. Make sure you have it while it’s still hot so you can enjoy the gorgeous crunch of the coating.


Spring roll wrappers 10

Spring onions thinly sliced 2

Onion thinly sliced 1 medium

Carrots cut into thin strips 2 medium

Green capsicum cut into thin strips 1 medium

Cabbage finely shredded 1/2 small

Oil 2 tablespoon

Salt to taste

White pepper powder 1/4 teaspoon

Soy sauce 1 tablespoon

Bean sprouts 3/4 cup

Spring onion greens chopped 2 stalks

Corn flour/ corn starch 1 tablespoon




To make the stuffing, heat 2 table spoons oil in a non stick wok.

Add onion, spring onions, carrots, capsicum, cabbage and salt and toss.

Add pepper powder and soy sauce and mix.

Add bean sprouts and spring onion greens and mix.

Cook till the vegetables soften.

Take the wok off the heat and set aside to cool.

Heat sufficient oil.

Make a paste of corn flour with 2 tbsps water.

Spread the spring roll wrappers on the work top.

Divide the stuffing into 10 portions and place a portion on one side of each wrapper.

Fold in the edges and roll tightly.

Apply corn flour paste to open end and seal.

Keep the rolls under a damp cloth.

Gently slide into the hot oil and deep fry till golden and crisp.