2016 to 2017 was a phase of a lot of excitement for everyone as it is now for people in the beginning of 2018. This turning era of development has made every individual desperate to embrace new trends, technological gadgets and much more. In 2017, a bunch of cool products were launched time and again. People around the world were very excited to welcome these gadgets in their life, in high spirits. Out of many, we have shortlisted the five best cool products that were launched in 2017.

Samsung Galaxy S8:

The launch of S8 in Spring 2017 was Samsung’s first great opportunity to recuperate from Galaxy Note 7 fiascos. Before the launch, they announced special features that the S8 would include: a new digital assistance powered by Viv artificial intelligence system startup. Viv was originated by the team that fabricated Siri.

Galaxy Note 8:

It is true that the Note 7 couldn’t make its place among Android users, plus the future of Samsung note was also on stake. Note 8, the successor of Note 7 was unveiled on 8 August 2017. It popped up with great specs including a hefty price.

Friendly new iPads:

Apple intended to rejuvenate its iPad programs in the spring of 2017, and according to Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman: “The new iPad models will focus on the Pro line, with improvements to the Apple Pencil stylus and new screen sizes.” It was a great hit amongst the youth, appreciated in huge numbers.


The sizzling iPhone 8:

The iPhone 8 after successful production of iPhone7, was on the waiting list of iPhone users all around the globe. According to various reports and rumours, it was believed that iPhone 8 would be a great revival. With a hefty price tag, its spec features included an organic led display for better images, all-glass design, new screen size and much more. 2017 is marked as iPhone’s tenth birthday in history.

In addition to all this, Apple also introduced augmented reality feature demos showing the efficacy of ARKIT platform, the power of the new camera and A11 Bionic Chip on iPhone 8 and iPhone X.

A smart-watch made by Google:

A watch is always considered a must wear accessory, it shows punctuality and graces one’s personality. The idea of having launched a Smart Watch by Google is one of the craziest and coolest products launched in 2017. It ultimately beat all the other products by its portable and fashionable features.