Dusky blues gives peace to eyes, sunshine yellow keeps you lively. Earthy greens and taupes will be a go-to for traditionalists looking to create a contemporary space. And it’s all about pale pastels in the Comfortable range, characterized by light pinks blues, and yellows that make the smallest of spaces pop. Its muted shades are ideal for introverts who want to make their first foray into accent colors.

Some of these shades make waves this year, so if you need some help imagining how they might play out in your own space, look no further than 8 rooms below. It’s easy to see why we’ll be obsessed with them well into 2017.

Peaceful: Mineral GreyzzzElegant: Earthy Green and Taupe Beigezcc

sparkly: Sunshine Yellowzzzz


Comfortable: Pastel Pinksss

 lively: pastel Greenww

Composed: Dusky Bluezx

Attractive: Turquoiseturqouise

Confident: Royal Blue and Yellowzv