Have you ever heard before about the idea that chocolates can actually help one in thinking? Well it’s true. A recent study from Syracuse University, suggests that chocolate may help brain activity and cognition and having a piece of chocolate cake can boost your brain and health.

But the question is why for Breakfasts?

Well want to know what that means? Let’s couple chocolate with the powerful first meal of the day that is known as breakfast and layer it into cake form! Breakfast is important for the human routine. Even the word “breakfast” can be translated into breakfast or breaking the fast from sleep. The body shuts down during sleep so the first meal of the day is important to reawakening your physical vessel. A big and hearty breakfast will do just that, right? Couple the chocolate cake with other foods that trigger mental activity such as eggs and their yolk. Combining multiple brain foods would not only activate your mind for the day, but if done routinely the brain might even start functioning more actively in a positive fashion.

Benefit: It calm your cravings down for rest of the day

Not only can that savory chocolate cake be beneficial in breakfast for its brain power, but it might act as a way to calm cravings and other bad eating habits throughout the remainder of the day as well. This is according to a study done at Tel Aviv University. The idea behind the study was to show that timing full meals correctly had more benefits to people trying to shed pounds than not. This is in relation to the idea that a high calorie breakfast with sweets involved will help curve the calories for the rest of the day.

So from now have a yummlioius chocolaty breakfast.