I’m writing a glowing review only after my experience being there, it’s almost one year when Chayee Khana was launched and I gladly say that I was there too when its operations commenced in Lahore after Islamabad.

I have been their regular customer and was sure that they would appreciate my action of writing a review on it.

Chayee khana is a warm and inviting neighborhood restaurant that offers a truly homelike experience. Our Pakistani trained chefs strive to create the perfect menu using seasonal ingredients. Chayee khana is a special place where customers become friends and family. Here we celebrate the essence of hospitality and farm-to-table cooking reflecting our authentic desi flavors amid rustic and welcoming interior.

Swanky, new office buildings getting pregnant with restaurants, cafes, coffee shops, and many more. The latest to join this brigade is the Chayee Khana. Is it world class? Or is it a chai ki dukan?


Walk into CK’s gleaming, sophisticated building and zoom up the hi-tech lift to the fourth floor. The tea lounge is plonked in a high-ceilinged open-lobby kind of space. Wooden partitions, and a small food counter gives it a makeshift look. Innovative lights and sceneries with Wi-Fi in this more than 100-seater space, bathed in natural light during the day, makes the place useful for youngsters to hang out. Wooden chess tables just adds more glamour and completes the whole relaxing experience.


They have two books of menu one includes just Teas and the other have all the divided sections of

  • Breakfast Menu
  • Salads and Soups
  • Sandwiches Menu
  • Specials Menu
  • Snacks Menu
  • Bakery and Desserts Menu
  • Beverages Menu


tryA simple easy-to-navigate, menu of 45 to 50 variants of teas with various blends. From flavored blacks, white, greens, Oolong to Bisanes, Bubble tea and chai etc Our vote goes to the “special Tea” (Rs 170 for One cup-white, cinnamon mixed flavor). Perfect for the beginner

A sweet, chocolate croissant (Rs 95) and plain croissant (with butter or jam) is the perfect combination to have too

All served in glass pitchers. Presentation is up to the mark, servers are quite friendly makes you feel as if having tea in your lounge, comfortably.chocolate-croissant-1-500x500The croissant was flaky and chocolaty and absolutely yum. The servers are polite and know the menu well.vsvPerfect place for breakfast as it offers variety of omelets’ regular tea stands out in the lunch specials. In the all-day menu, it’s the crisp chicken strips, Alfredo pasta with (white or red spicy sauce) chicken grilled jalapeno and the simple slice of the nuts mixed pastry that are worth trying, the rest of the outsourced desserts and a few savories are average or below par.fftEven in Ramadan they serve you complimentary drinks, spicy pakoras, shami kabab, spring rolls, chicken strips are just heart of the evening.

Things to improve:

Inaccessible fourth floor location, in the tall Building plus point for those working here

Teas aren’t served in portable glass to be carried along while going back.

The tall, cool lemon and mint iced tea disappoints as does the slow service.

My favorite lasagna to be enjoyed with tea is not on the menu.

Food needs to be fine-tuned as does the service, but these could be just teething troubles.

My personal experience tasted and tested verdict:

Sniff, swirl, sip and spit… I’ve done many a tea tasting sessions in many tea restaurants and been romancing tea forever. So when Tea centre opened at M M Alam a year ago, I was over the moon. I came to Chayee Khana with joy and expectation. Initially I found it just normal but gradually my taste devopled here and now never skipping a day I just come here in evening for refreshment and to relax my mind from all hard work my friends never liked this place but whoever I introduced to this corner is now in one of its regular customers’ list I found it a tad expensive but it’s ok for the kind of place and quality.

The staff is top notch, the menu rock solid, the teas list seriously smart. Food is simple and fresh, which is exactly what you want in pasta and fish and chicken And I could eat that clam appetizer for every meal. Including breakfast. Breakfast clams. I just love it.Open through the day till 1 pm, I welcome this Tea Lounge… ideal for chai and gupshup for tea lovers in the vicinity or should I say vicinitea? Excellent value for money, the ambiance is good (which is simple yet chic), food is really good, go there with friends for a cup of tea, coffee and pasta. Friendly staff in a nice, cozy setting.

The staff are extremely knowledgeable and describe beautifully how the mint magic complements the food (which it absolutely does). You are not rushed and the staff is attentive and you are not left wanting. Highly recommend.A must go place and certainly worth a second visit.

Thumbs up to Chayee Khana (Y), now we expect more from you!

Chayee Khana

94 Mian Mehmood Ali Kasuri Road

Timings 8 am to 1 pm

Average spend for two Rs 600