As distinctive as its name is, Bombay chow patty delivers extravagantly satisfying taste to its respective customers. Due to its exquisite range of food items in menu they are highly recommended for all the desi food lovers out there.


One of the best branche is located in the heart of Lahore’s acclaimed MM Alam road, which surely grabs the attention of patrons.

Why Bombay Chowpaty is better!

People in Lahore are high strung about having best food with accompanying trendy lifestyle. Bombay chowpatty is certainly aware of this fact. Not only it is attention gainer because of its peculiar name but as soon as you put your first step inside you are overwhelmed by the ambiance so much that you can’t resist convincing yourself that yeah this is the right place to satisfy my appetite!

Experience in Bombay Chowpatty:

Recently I visited Bombay chowpatty located at MM Alam road. Exterior look of café is quite inviting, like you enter in a fine green park for a picnic with comfortable chairs and sitting arrangement for people who crave for heavenly ambiance to get your appetite satisfied. Exulted by the outlook of building I went inside to explore more of charming surprises.


Talking of menu…oh that’s a whole lot to have! I was completely mesmerized by the number of food items they were offering to their customers.

The menu consists of desi street-food items, with a variety of chaats, wraps, chicken of various forms, dosas, parathas, biryani, samosas, and a host of other items that you would normally only find at roadside Dhabas.

Assuming that all would be good and by its captivating environs I relish every moment I spent over there. They offer cuisines like bbq, Chinese which is their specialty but they also serve chaat, tandoor, desserts and wraps.

Enticing isn’t it! Who would turn down these appetizing mouthwatering cuisines, all in one place. The food here is spicy so you definitely need to buckle up for some chili roller coaster ride of your taste buds. Ethereal taste of this café definitely persuades us to give it a shot! If you ask my opinion I was hypnotized by the aroma of Chinese cuisine. Give it a try!


Masala Dosa is yet another dish with assortment of enticing flavors outer layer is crispy and it is stuffed with best masalas of south Asian side. Couldn’t stop my hands having it more! In Aftaar menu first I got appetizer to break my fast after that aftaar menu was served cuisines were quite aromatic and savory as well.

The wraps at Bombay Chowpatty are definitely worth a try. Naan bread is usually served on the side with chicken of your choice, and one side of the naan is filled with some raw vegetables, such as onion, cucumber, and roasted lettuce.

I adored all desi food items chicken tikka, kababs, haleem, palaak paneer and Chinese cuisine, but honestly I’m not that much of desi food lover but yea I have good taste in it if I have it and for that taste sake I tried it all out but I was not quite overwhelmed by the desi cuisine as much may be I had some expectations more than I got.


Sitting arrangement was not that comfortable as it was quite congested, and unfortunately I got the worst of it as I had to seat right beside salad bar, that was unexpected! But ignoring all that crammed sitting and Babel around me. As it was our last Aftari of Ramadan I was quite excited to get the most out of it and rejoiced by the number of food items offered. It is really the tantalizing food which keeps the place swarming with customers at all times.


Well, serving was quite impressive. I got refills as soon as my glass got empty. So yeah cheers to that! Manager was welcoming and speculates the customers comfort. Equipped with lifts, it was a great attempt to provide convenience to its clientele and it goes straight to roof top which is again a divine place to boast up your mood and fold up your cuffs to enjoy desi food at its best!

  • Price was economical for anyone to have all variety of desi cuisine at one place.
  • A healthy delightful place for family and friends, with not so much burden on your pockets.
  • An authentic place to have spicy South Asian Masala Dar food with some Chinese delights for people, who want to have all in one place with phenomenal ambiance and joyous moments.