Let’s face this, we are so busy doing our routines chores that we neglect our body relaxation and that can cause fatigue and can affect our work output. Let’s accept that we run all day to attend meetings and do hectic work but don’t have time to take some time out for pampering our feet that are affected the most. We tend to find easy ways to get relaxation rather than going to the expensive parlors for foot massage and pedicure so we have found you a way to do that at home easily.

I truly believe that having beautiful feet is as much important as having beautifully shaved legs .I have seen most of the women paying attention to their dressing but completely ignores feet that looks sore or chapped heels it’s a pity.

We are unaware of the fact that our feet contain nerves that helps in functioning many of our body organs. It is connected to our heart, spine and stomach that why Chinese acupressure massage is so popular because it relieves stress quickly and give relaxation to tired feet and helps other organs to work properly as well

To have silky smooth shaped legs and to have calf muscles, exercise is crucial part. Cycling and swimming are great options as well as certain yoga postures that help in strengthening the leg muscles.

There are many ways to get rid of hair on your legs and one of the best ways that I presume is beneficial it’s waxing and it’s important to use some kind of moisturizer after it close the pores as a result of waxing.


1.Pedicure at Home:

There is nothing quite as heavenly as a good pedicure. However, if you still want a DIY routine, put together the following list of items -pumice stone, nail brush, loofah, file, nail cleaner, cuticle pusher, a heavy duty moisturizing cream, nail cutter, acetone, herbal shampoo, lemon slices, a tub of hot water, marigold flowers, honey and towels.

Step-by-step guide

Clean your nail with acetone and file them to the shape and length required buy you.



Massage a little cream or honey on the nails and dip into a tub of hot water to which you have added some fresh lemon slices.


After softened your nails and skin use a brush or pumice stone to rub out the dead skin and after that use cleaner and cuticle pusher.



Rub the lemon slices on the skin to remove tan and use a towel to pat dry.



Use the loofah to smooth out dead skin and mix 2 tsp each of honey and cream and massage well into the skin. Wipe off with hot towels and you are good to go.



Cracked Heels

You can use loofah and moisturizer to keep it clean and nourished all day.


Clean the feet well with a pumice stone and nail brush and pat dry.


Massage the feet well with a heavy duty cream or sesame.


Melt a candle and when it’s slightly cool rub it on your heels gently to have soft smooth heels.



Chipped Nails

For those of you suffering from chipped nails, mix 1 tsp of gelatin with half a glass of water and drink it daily for two weeks. Besides this, keep the nails short and well-trimmed to strengthen the base.


Let your nails breathe by giving a gap of a week at least to apply nail paint as it cause your nails to turn yellow.


A quick tip: rub lemon slices on the toe nails daily and allow the juice to soak in. You will find them coming back to their natural healthy color in no time.

You have got wonderful tips for taking care of your feet at home so do try and enjoy healthy looking feet without spending a lot of money!