For getting baby soft lips, you need to take preventive measures first. Prevention is better than treating dry lips.

If you don’t take care of your lips in time, more serious conditions may be fallen into your lips, like bleeding.

Lips not only symbolize your beauty, but also it talks about your healthy appearance. The nice looking lips boost up your confidence, while the dry, cracked lips lose your attractiveness and self-dignity.

That’s why; to take care of your dry lips in winter is an urgent routine.rrMoisturizing Lipstick for Dry lips: Avoid lipstick in the winter season. Instead of it, use moisturizing lip balm containing immobile colorful tint. If you cannot walk without lipstick, apply lip balm or moisturize your lips first with an ointment, then wear your favorite lipstick. At anyhow, you cannot sleep with lipstick. After removing the lip makeup, use a moisturizer to soften the lips through the night.

Use makeup remover rich in natural moisturizer to get rid of your lipstick.

Take Right Diet and Sufficient Waterrvef

Dehydration:  It is a common reason to dry out the skin, whether it is winter or summer. Take lots of water daily (at least 8 glasses) and fluid rich diets to hydrate and protect the skin from inside.nbrdcnrfjvoihvb

Take some vitamins:Skim milk, Swiss cheese, red meat, silken tofu, fortified cereals, eggs, etc. contain vitamin B. It helps to retain the moisturizer to the skin. Vitamin A helps to maintain and repair the skin tissue. Take milk products, apricots, carrots, etc. rich in Vitamin A. Aging also causes dry lips. Vitamin A helps a lot to repair dry lips of aging people. Take the diets having vitamin C. It increases the collagen production to make the lips suppler and fuller. Vitamin C also repairs the tissue by protecting the skin from the sunburn. Eat various vegetables and citrus fruits rich in vitamin C. Vitamin E evens out the aging signs, like fine lines or wrinkles. Nuts, eggs, leafy vegetables, etc. have Vitamin E.

If you cannot manage those diets in the proper amount, you can take “Multivitamins” consulting with your dietitian.

Avoid some foods: Like spicy, hot or salty items. Because these foods compel the tongue frequently to touch the lips that are very harmful to dry out and irritate the lips.jvklejfSmoking Causes Dry Lips: Smoking is not only dangerous for health, but also harmful to lip and mouth skin. It attaches a black stain on the lips and also teeth. So, the lips look dark or black. If you are a chain smoker, it might cause dark black spots on your lips that look really unimpressive. The prolonged smoking may lead your lip skin to cancer, though it is a rare case.

In winter, you should keep stayed away from smoking. It will be wiser if you quit smoking forever. Then, you will get back your natural lips. Or use a lip balm every time after smoking. And rub a slice of lemon over your lips. It removes the dark cigarette hue instantly.

If you couldn’t stop smoking after trying hard and soul, you should read, “Allen Carr’s easy way to stop smoking” This book will show you to quit smoking easily forever. It is a best-selling book sold over 13 million copies around the world.

Control Your Room Temperature:  While you are protecting your lips from the outdoor dry air or elements, be careful about your indoor air situation. The heating system of room at winter makes the air drier that the indoor. That’s why; the room temperature is more harmful to the lip skin. Just buy a quality “Humidifier” and set up it when you stay at room or home. Keep the humidifier temperature 30-40%. It keeps the inside air ideally moist. Don’t use the humidifier more that 50% because excessive humidity can cause bacteria and other microorganisms. You should also use a humidifier at your office.  Then you can be protected both at home and office.

Protect Your Lips during Sleeping: The night-time is the best duration to let your lips stayed moisturizing all day long in cold months. Apply a beeswax lip balm thickly on your lips. The lips suck the balm throughout the night that basically keeps alive the pout for hours at daytime. Or you can leave some pure honey on the lips. Honey is a natural humectant and antioxidant to moisturize, protect and make the lips healthy.

Don’t Lick/Peel/Bite the Lips: It is not only your bad habit, everybody lick or bite their dry lips. Biting or peeling the skin makes the lips nastier. Even, the lips get bleeding for biting or peeling. So, never do it. Licking also dries out the lips more. The saliva of the tongue takes out the moisturizer from the lips. That’s why; lips go behind chapping fast. Keep a pocket lip balm always with you. Whenever you feel a little dryness, just apply it.

Don’t breathe: Don’t breath from your mouth. It creates an airflow around your lips and mouth that makes your lips more cracking. Try to breathe through your nose. Or taking the breath from your mouth is a problem or disease, talk to your doctor. Or apply a 100% natural moisturizer on the lips during the night.h98Lip Balm, Best Cure for Dry Lips in Winter: In buying a lip balm, you should consider the long lasting effect, extra moisturizing power, natural ingredients, and SPF sun block. Otherwise, don’t buy it. The following natural ingredients are mostly considerable:

Jojoba Oil

Vitamin E


Vitamin A and D

Coconut oil


Shea Butter

Almond Oil

Aloe Vera

Make a natural lip balm your best friend in dry air. Coat your lips with the balm always. After getting up and washing your face at morning, apply your favorite lip balm. After every eating or drinking, use that. Keep a balm in your purse, on your reading or computer table, so that whenever your lips have a slight tightness, you can find your balm easily.

Cover Your Lips from the Elements: When you are going outside, cover your lips with a scarf or a ski mask so that the harsh air might not reach your mouth or lips. Also bring an SPF-rich lip balm with you. Some winter coat hoods have Velcro or button snaps that secure the bottom lines of your face. Wearing this coat, ensure the warmer of your face, protect the face and lips from the harsh wind and hold moisturizer inside.

Treat Dry Lips Naturally in Winter: To have sweet-smiling, luscious-looking, self-esteem, soft and smooth lips; the golden secret is to use home remedies. Natural ingredients not only make the lips soft but also they protect and repair the lips from inside. Besides, home remedies are less costly and available in your kitchen. You can use the below home remedies to get dry free lips throughout the bitter season

Lemon Juice


Green Tea Bags

Sugar Scrub

Rose Water and Glycerin

Jojoba Oil



Rose Water and Honey

Glycerin and Honey

Check out Allergens to Your Lips: Check out the products whether they create allergic reactions to your lips. Lipstick having propyl gallate or phenyl salicylate (salol) develops allergens. The toothpaste containing guaiazulene, may cause allergy. Some foods, such as- figs or food dyes can contain allergens. The intake of excessive of vitamin B12 also dries out the lips when you come to the touch of cobalt. Or any kind of products, cosmetics, lipsticks or foods; if create an allergic reaction to your lips, you should switch them.

Petroleum Jelly: If your lips are more chapped and couldn’t be solved the painful state, you should use Vaseline 100%petroleum Jelly“. It heals the lips fast and protects also.kjkjklControl Your Caffeine Intake: 

Winter is a nice time to drink a few cups of extra coffee or your favorite hot tea or other hot beverages. These hot items may soothe you from the coldness for a while, but it finally dehydrates your lip skin. Instead of taking hot caffeine, drink an herbal tea or a decaf version. It is helpful for health and also hydrates the skin.

Avoid Some Ingredients:  If your lips are dry, you should avoid the products containing the following ingredients:


Flavoring Agent






The above substances might have your lip balm, toothpaste, lipstick, mouthwash or other products. To be sure, just get a stop of using them for two weeks, if you feel better lips; then stop using them in winter or switch to another new product.lpsEmergent Tips for Severe Painful Chapped lips: Severe cracking and bleeding are not uncommon to the lips in winter. It is also very painful to smile or talk and looks very nasty. To heal the cracked lips fast, rub your lips with a warm rag several times a day. It cleanses the spots. Then hold a cold compress on your lips to stop bleeding. Lastly, apply coconut oil. Repeat this treatment several times a day. It will heal your bleeding or cracked lips quickly. Don’t blot the bleeding lips, because it cannot heal them fast.

That’s all the tips to take care of your dry lips in winter. Follow these tips and your dry lips will be okay. If nothing can cure your lips, talk to your dermatologist in a short time, because untreated chapping lips may be threatened by a bigger skin problem.