Get ready to change your look by following these amazing simple tips that will not only prompt your hair growth this summer but also make them strong and healthy. Whether you are concerned about fast hair growth or just making your short bob long these tips will surely help you out in doing so. Summer doesn’t improves your hair growth potential as we all thought

  1. Protein real food:

We have most of the people advice us of having protein based foods because that contains collagen which is essential for our hair growth .we can consume proteins from almost every type of plants so its easy for vegetarians to have protein in their deit on regular basis. These foods include quinoa, buckwheat, hemp seed, and soy. To have gorgeous looks you have to add as much protein as you can so get started to have long hair and fill your body with required nutrients.

  1. vitamin-rich meals:

Vitamin C helps your body produce collagen while also aiding in iron absorption, a key process for healthy hair growth. Among their many functions, B vitamins help your hair keep its healthy, rich color. Stock up on spinach, pumpkin seeds, carrots, nutritional yeast, radishes, cabbage, romaine lettuce, broccoli, and citrus fruits.

  1. Stay hydrated:

To stay hydrated it’s easy and essential as well for hair growth pack around a nice water bottle whenever you go out so that your body gets nourishment especially your hair as when you dehydrated your body will prioritize your vital organs.

  1. Apply hair masks before going out:

Going out in sunny days can be damaging to your hair .wear hat and tie up your hair properly in a bun so the strands would not get weaken. Use leave in conditioners or heat protecting masks so that your hair will not lose their shine. Avoid going to the water pools which are filled with chlorine as its damaging for your hair health as well.

  1. Regularly massage your scalp:

Massaging your scalp is good for your blood circulation and as a result benefits your hair follicles. Massage your scalp regularly with or without oil .use almond and castor oil for better hair growth and massage it in circular motion and let it sit on your scalp for 30 min before shampooing.

  1. Get regular trims

Regularly trimming hair keeps your ends from looking ragged, but it’s also a good way to help your hair growth. Keep checking your split ends and cut them down for better hair growth.