Why Women Choose Aviation as A Career


Before I get to the point about women choosing aviation as a career I would like to clear some misconceptions about aviation. Aviation is a broad broad field it is not just about flying or being an air steward, you could be an Air traffic controller or ground operation manager or Air Marshall or an Airport Manager or Airline Manager, You can either be a fighter pilot or a commercial pilot and much much more.
Now coming to the actual topic as we know its 21st century and the idea of a women being in any field is normal now a days but still the point why women would chose a male dominant field like aviation as a career.
“I was very little when I met a pilot and I was lost in his personalities and that day I decided that I will also become one” said a female student of BS aviation management when asked upon.
“I was inspired by the glamourous life my uncle was enjoying by being in airline. He was being offered world tours and travelling privileges” said another female students
Before girls was only bound to limited fields like medical or fashion designing and sometimes for glamour girls also chooses modeling or acting. But acting and modeling was not the answer for those who were chasing freedom with modesty but aviation was. More and more women are choosing this although it is new.
We can take example of the recent martyr Maryam mukhtiyar, a fighter pilot. By asking upon why she chooses this as a career she replied “Do something different.” Once she also said that “I believe people will appreciate what I am doing and they will send their sisters and daughters to become fighter pilot”
The answer for why women chooses aviation is very simple though the two major reasons I found are as we know aviation is a growing industry and all those women who are career oriented and wants a better future prefer aviation over other fields as the opportunities in aviation are more. Being in aviation means you have a growing future, better jobs better pays and other advantages as well. Now the second thing which is also a major reason for me to be a part of aviation is the sense of freedom. All those girls out there who have a passion for travelling or have an adventurous soul would prefer aviation as it comes under the umbrella of transport industry. So the chances of travelling and meeting the people from various cultures while being on airport is much much exciting and it also gives you the sense of like you are enjoying and using the life you are given fully. As we have a saying in aviation that not a single day at airport is same as the previous one as there is always new. Now it is true that that if you want to live an exciting life wants travelling around the world aviation is not the only option we see that you can do the same in fashion and acting industry but sometimes you have to compromise on your modesty as well in those industries. So for those ladies who want a modest, career oriented and freedom aviation is the way to go.