With all the restaurants in all the land to turn our attention to – the arrogant, gastronomical restaurants, from the royal style Arcadian, High Class Aylanto to the homely ChayeeKhaana, my nerves shook for seconds, wondering, – why the hell am I here? What am I doing stoating along a traffic-clogged chief road to an unexciting narrow unpaved road, was Spice Bazaar. Honestly, the idea wasn’t that bad!trAfter one of the largest spice Bazaar in Turkey, which is famous for its chili spices. Spice Bazaar is opened up here a years back as a family-oriented restaurant. The main purpose of Masood Ali Khan was to promote Pakistan’s rich culture and heritage through outstanding recipes, with a perfect blend of traditional spices.

Location:Undoubtedly Spice Bazaar location is the very essence of M MAlam. There’s always a definite sense of crowd-pleasing 24/7.Since Pakistani’s are great spice lovers, this place keeps on dragging them to satisfy their taste buds, cheerfully!

Food Experience:When my entirely female table ordered their favorite mouth-watering, spicy dishes. Cheery, suited servers noted actively and firstly served us with chilled complementary drinks, which were full of taste. As soon as the waiter served the starters, we’re immediately steered towards fish crackers, which were awesome!

Main Course:In main course chomps and biryani were the finest I’ve ever eaten. One of their truly unique specialities is the organic range of chicken dishes that they perfectly specialize in. Spice Bazaar itself calls a “tribute to the flavors of Pakistan”.sb3At this age, before dining here, I never tasted Pakistani Desi food of such immediacy, such vibrancy and freshness, such zip and zing. Charcoal minced mutton blend with special spices and herbs that surely warms the cockles of ones hearts, was extremely savory. Even the relishes and chutneys that arrived with a basket of poppadums’ tasted as though they’ve just been made, vivid with mint or chilled tomato. Vadas were crispy little spheres Doughnuts, explosive with chickpea, onion and tamarind.

A Fried Rice fragmented fluffy basmati dish with grilled Tangy Chicken  features pneumatic, turmeric-licked meat bites in a sauce so gently creamy  that it was extremely irresistible, so blushing pink from tomato and aromatic from glossy curry leaves.

Spice Bazaar offers Sunday Brunch, Lunch, Super Tea and Dinner. Sumptuous Hi-tea is absolutely breath -taking, loaded with all the yummy goodies that will surely take you on a national Culinary Journey, and delectable Kebab and Tikkas. They serve Hi-Tea 7-days a week, from 4:30 pm to 6:30 pm for 9:20 inclusive of all taxes.

Ambiance:sb2The staff is quite well-mannered, courteous and service is acceptable. Spice Bazaar describes itself as “fancy but cosy” and, with its turmeric-yellow walls, little clutches of portraits, decorative tiles, hot-pink banquettes and closed kitchen, and the courtyard outside makes it look more like an open restaurant on a sea view.

Spice Bazaar never tries to get too clever, too edgy: you won’t find, the fascinating aroma lingering and the scented ambiance anywhere in so much sophisticated manner, which adds perfection to the desi recipes that are purely their in-house speciality.

Spice brings out the best pure Asian dishes that keeps the trends of Pakistani Asians, in regards of traditions. Whether one comes with family friends spice bazaar never makes one feel indifferent in terms of the ambiance, it is absolutely perfect.

Spice Bazaar is definitely an unmissable place!