Nail art is getting trendy for many months and it has been a double edge sword. Those who has weak nails has a dream for having nail art on their fingernails but it won’t last long if the shape is not right and not too strong to have such a beautiful nail art .

It’s not impossible to have strong healthier nails. Yeah… diet is a must factor that you should consider while growing your nails but this is not it.You have to follow some nail care routine to have stronger, healthier and shiny nails.


  1. Take off the nail polish:

If your nails are really bad, you might need to go through a healthy, nail-repair program for a few months before they approach “normal” nails. This starts by taking off your polish and leaving it off until the repair work is done.



  1. Choose your nail shape

Square nail seems to break so much less often than other shapes. The almond shape can be particularly fragile.


  1. Soak in gelatin:

Soaking your fingertips in warm water with gelatin helps make them stronger.


  1. Push your cuticles:

You can push your cuticles back, and even go over them quickly with the soft side of a nail file if they are particularly overgrown. But don’t cut them.



  1. Moisturize your cuticles:

Love good cuticle oil. Many oils are great. Rose oil smells wonderful; argon oil is another good one. Do this every day, especially before bed.


  1. Biotin supplements

Nail art people will constantly tell you to take biotin supplements to help grow longer and stronger nails and hair.


  1. Applying nail strengthening treatment

Use any king is nail strengthening serum you can find nearby your house it will definitely help you to grow your nails beautifully.


  1. Wear gloves

Get a pair of cute ones if it will help remind you to use them.